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who said scallops had to be super fancyyyyyyy
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@roselee89 never forgettin a lil bit of the greenieesss
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@miranpark88 @kristenadams It looks so delicious! I looove this. Ah, scallops. Omg, I had an amazing scallop dish last month, prepared by my sushi chef buddy. It was so freaking good. I'll need to go find pictures!
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@YinofYang definietly!!! so luckyyyy!! i think you told me about this friend of yourrsss! in one of the sushi cards we were going crazy forrrrrr! now that were talking about sushiii im definitely craving it :D
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@miranpark88 Seriously, the scallop dish was amazing. I hope he makes it again when he gets back from Korea. (>_<) Lol! I bet there's a lot of offerings for sushi over there, right?
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@YinofYang oh yess, definitely but its like suuuuper over priced don't now why...obviously its in the technique of making in and the rice, but i've seen one piece of sushi go up to 15 bucks....don't you think that's TOO much?
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