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As celebration for GOT7s 1st Solo concert in the World, The fan base I created 7th Heaven of AhGaSe (IGOT7s Reaching 7th Heaven) would like to invite all fans to participate in this very large project coming up this Summer for GOT7 to witness. We have merchandise plans, Giveaways and more coming up soon after ticket sales and the more help we get, the more this Flight Log Story can end with a good memory. What is 7th Heaven of AhGaSe? This is a new fanbase support that works with all cities in the U.S.A to prepare projects and support for FLYINUSA with GOT7 THE PROCEDURE Each city will have their own individual project to work on, but at the end, they will connect to one story AKA Flight Log. OPERATIONS Airport Security Merch Sales and Giveaways Charity Volunteer Recruitment Project Plans Event/Meeting Plans Kamsahamnida and see you there!
Story Title: The Adventures and Memories of the Departure of GOT7 to America.
LINKS Use these tools to get the best with GOT7's Tour: Hello, here's an ALL YOU NEED Tools for GOT7 FLYinUSA Prepared by: 7th Heaven of AhGaSe Fanbase WANT TO TRADE AND SELL TICKETS (List Tickets here. No overpriced tickets) https://goo.gl/hgO0to WANT TO BUY (Request Tickets here) https://goo.gl/DrwaKB KPOP EVENT/SALES SCAM BOARD (Report Con Artists here) https://goo.gl/mdSnC8 Order Form (Themed Merchandise to update soon) https://goo.gl/8u1dfD Group Project, Lodge and Agency group https://www.facebook.com/groups/IGOT7thHeaven/
This is a summary on how the Big Tour project will go about. Each certain day, a new chapter will be revealed, by City of Project. Once all 5 chapters are complete, the story will reveal it self. What that story is not known yet. This is something you as fans must solve to reveal the chapters. For now, it's the prologue. This is your story with GOT7 in: FLIGHT LOG: DEPARTURE.
7th Heaven Fan Project 7TH HEAVEN OF AHGASE PRESENTS: GOT7 FLIGHT LOG: DEPARTURE- JOURNEY TO AMERICA CHAPTER 1-1: The Flight of an Adventure Begins Summary IGOT7 Dallas Team wants to show their southern hospitality to the boys and welcome them with open arms to the States, showing everything the nation has to offer. Mission : Make a Welcome Kit
CHAPTER 2-1: Singing Baby Birds Summary: Making a difference doesn't go unheard of right? The Chicago IGOT7 team has something under their sleeves that will reveal in a song. This will be known all over by every IGOT7 in KPOP and we need you to be the Voice of GOT7. Mission: Donate and prepare to remember the "Melody of GOT7", which will update soon.
Chapter 3-1: Dancing in the Sky Chicago AhGaSes celebrate the 900th Day of GOT7. Mission: Coming Soon
Chapter 4-1: Written in Memory Atlanta IGOT7 wants to give a memory that both will never forget, especially being their 1st GOT7 concert. Mission: Create a Flight Log (Memory Book)
Chapter 5-1: Farewell but not Forever L.A. AhGaSes are saddened by their final departure before Korea, but they know their love and support and deep down is confident that although gone, they will come again in the future. Mission: Get fan letters from every IGOT7 on the Planet.
Story Breakdown Also there's no food projects allowed
This is our 1st GOT7 Donation/Order form for the Merchandise themed for FLYinUSA. Please note the policies before you agree and make sure you're satisfied with your choices. If you need to make changes, please go to the same link of this form. Be aware designs are still in progress Deadline for Shipping Dallas: May 21 Chicago: May 23 New York: May 25 Atlanta: May 27 Los Angeles: June 1 To send by PayPal: @kfahallyu@gmail.com http://www.paypal.me/exoluniverse To send by Debit/Credit: make sure you check your email Remember READ everything. If you need to change the forms you made, go to the same link So are you ready for this BIG project with GOT7?