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There have been some interesting changes to Arenas in Patch 5.4. The biggest being creating a team is no longer necessary. It is possible to que for Arenas just like Battlegrounds. You can refer to the original post here: How does this affect you? Do you think the changes are a good or bad thing?
@BlackMage I mean it is a logical step since they're losing so much of their hardcore playerbase to other MMOs and players just switching genres of games completely. I've yet to find a MMO as satisfying as WoW in the first three expansions (Cata is iffy :S) especially as a competitive Arena player and a progression raider. I've seen plenty of online friends go because it eventually got too easy, no engaging raid content, and the storyline went to crap.
@lovemilkis I couldn't agree with you more. I can't stand the catering to casual players of late. I mean I am far from a hardcore gamer, and I applaud the goal to bring harder content to more casual gamers, but the whole point of arena was to create teams that have synergy and cohesion. Now if you have no team and want to que for Arena, you have to contend with players who have no skill or understanding of how Arena works
Kind of sad of what Blizz has done with WoW as of late. I mean now they're just patchworking around core problems with the game and expansions.