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Hello and Welcome!
Season 2 of Foreign Flower, a novel about our lovely BigBang kings, is fully underway!
Just in case you're new, here's Season 1! :D
And just in case you're confused about what's going to happen, here's the opening link to the card to Season 2! :D
Last Monday we had experienced our Foreign Flower begin to blossom in a world filled with handsome kings but like nature designed, the petals must open up one by one to reveal a beautiful flower.
If you missed SeungRi's first chapter, I gotchu ;*
Please re-read the first episode if you don't understand X3
Enjoy! :D
Episode 2
Without a moment to react, your coworkers were already pushing you out towards the dance floor as Seung-Ri played the hard club mix of his single, Gotta Talk 2 U.
<<Don't look up, don't look up, just pretend as if he isn't here.>> Your thoughts raced in different directions at first but you slowly get into the groove of the beat as the bass dropped into its familiar tone.
Your mind switched off as your body began to speak with the music. Your coworkers all gathered around you and cheered you on as the song carried through the chorus and into its final verse.
In the spur of the moment, you accidentally bumped into a guy that was dancing behind you, you apologized quickly with a bow and a smile but he only readdressed his attention to you and began to motion some of his friends in to your direction.
When the song ended, you and your coworkers returned back to the booth giggling.
Your eyes flickered to the DJ booth, making your heart sink a little when you don't see him there. <<Maybe he really wasn't here.... Maybe it's just my imagination playing games....>>
You force a smile on your face to hide the disappoint sprouting deep inside but keep your eyes low, failing to see the guy that you bumped into earlier approach the booth with a sly smile. One of your coworkers nudges you with her elbow. You look at her with a confused expression until she points in the opposite direction. You turn to the direction she pointed and feel your heart drop when you saw the guy. Chills run down your body as he nodded to your coworkers then placed his hand on the table in and leaned forward in your direction.
“You American?” he says in rough Engrish with an embarrassed chuckle.
You stare at him with a blank expression, “Yes,” you answer in English.
He smirks in a way that makes you want to shrivel up and disappear on the spot. “Let's dance?” he says. Your body stiffens with the offer beginning to linger in midair. You can feel the eyes of your coworkers burning on you, anxiously waiting to hear your response.
The guy broadens his smile, “C'mon,” he says as he reaches for your hand.
<<No. No. NO!>>
“Yaah, are you the waiter or something? What do you want?” a familiar voice calls out in English.
Everyone turns just in time to see Seung-Ri slide his hand around your shoulders and glare at the guy. “Do you know who I am? And you're here trying to get at my girl?”
The guy stares at Seung-Ri, “C-could you repeat-t that in K-Korean, p-please?”
“Yaahh, just get outta here, she's taken,” Seung-Ri's grip around you tightens. The guy's eyes flicker towards you for a split second before he turns around and disappears into the crowd. “Was I cool or what?” Seung-Ri chuckles as he takes a seat next to you and slides his arm down to your waist.
“Seung-Ri! You were too mean!”
“The maknae to the rescue! Poor guy! He just wanted to dance with her.”
“We should have caught that on tape!”
“Leave it to the maknae to spoil someone's day.”
“Yaah, noona! Didn't you see that she didn't want to dance with that pervert?” Seung-Ri defended himself.
“You're overprotective of her, did you get jealous?”
“That's not the point,” Seung-Ri affirmed. Your coworkers stared at him for an answer, you even looked up at him but he simply shook his head and looked away, making your coworkers laugh at his loss of words.
“Thank you,” you say low enough through the music so only he could hear. The corner of his lips lift into a smile, letting you know that he heard your gratitude.
“Seung-Ri! You said you had a date tonight! Where is she?”
“We came for two reasons and one of them was to meet her!”
A new wave of chills run down your back. <<They're kidding right? Please god, tell me they're kidding. That Seung-Ri is just being Seung-Ri.....>>
“Funny you should mention that,” Seung-Ri turned back to you and your coworkers, his fingers softly shifting against your waist like fingers on piano keys. “I did ask someone to accompany me tonight.”
“Where is she?”
“She's ri-”
“Seung-Ri oppa!”
Everyone in the booth turned to towards the high pitched voice that was approaching. A girl in a bright red mini dress appeared through the crowd, half stumbling, half tripping over her own heels with a smaller group of girls trialing behind her. She flung herself at Seung-Ri, making you lean back in order to avoid getting hit by her arms.
“Ri-ri oppa! We've been looking for youu!” The girl screamed too loudly, drawing attention from individuals on the dance floor.
“Oh is this the girl?”
“Not surprised.”
Your stomach begins to tighten as you held the urge to shove the girl off of Seung-Ri.
“What are you doing?” Seung-Ri hissed in an irritated tone.
“Youuu disappeared!” one of the other girls slurred, making the one on Seung-Ri laughed loud enough to send her breath over to your nose. You flinch when you realize how intoxicated she was. “You promised you'd dance with mee!”
“When did I say that?” Seung-Ri responds with a harsher tone.
“Treat your date to a dance,” one of your coworkers laughed.
“She's not my date.”
“That's right, I'm your guurrlllfriend!” the girl sang.
"Don't say that, he's here with all of us!" one of the girls stated.
"Come back to our table RiRi, you left us all alone!" another one whined.
“Stop that. Leave me alone.” Seung-Ri hissed angrily.
You swallow hard, <<This b!tch.>> You keep your eyes concentrated on the glass of water in front of you but out of the corner of your eyes, you can see the girls pulling on Seung-Ri and giving him pouting looks. His grip around your waist tightens in effort to stay put but eventually disappears, leaving an absence of warmth on the spot of your waist where his fingers played.
“Geez, he must really have fun picking out his women.”
“Think that's actually his girlfriend?”
“No way, you know how he is, Seung-Ri definitely isn't the innocent type as he tries to be.”
“Hope it doesn't make it to the papers tomorrow.”
You feel your hands trembling with rage as every inch of your body screamed at you to run after him and tear the woman away from him. <<I'm so stupid. Of course he had a backup date. He doesn't look at me in that way, why would he ever? Aishh.>>
“Hey, are you okay?” one of your coworkers nudged your elbow.
You look up and see them all staring at you with concerned expressions. You smile kindly back at them, “Yeah, I'm fine, I just have a stomach ache is all, I think it's best I go home and lay down so it doesn't worsen.”
“Aww, are you sure you can't stay?”
“Dummy, of course not, she'll get sick or something!”
“Go home and rest up then, we can go out again some other day.”
“Do you need us to accompany you?”
You shake your head, “No it's okay, you guys have fun. I'll be okay. Thank you so much for tonight, sorry I had to cut it short.” They wave you goodbye as you get up and leave. You weave in and out of the crowd of hot bodies, staying clear of large groups and especially of areas where there were more single dancers.
“Alright, alright, the night is still young, let's give it up for our special guest once again!” the host said over the speakers.
You look up towards the DJ booth and see Seung-Ri staring straight at you with a hard face, his eyes piercing through your soul like a needle through cloth. You tear your eyes away from him and proceed out the door into the dark night, fighting back the tears that have begun to weld up behind your eyes.
(Like the gif? I was literally like, Panda? XD Something to lighten the mood :3)
I promise next chapter will be juicier with feels ;)
Tell me your thoughts thus far! What will our evil maknae do next!? ;O
See you all on Thursday!
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Don't make me be mad at RiRi! Don't do it! He's meant to put a smile on my face when things get sad, not cause the sadness! I would have slapped that girl sooo hard for throwing herself on him. Scandal, be damned! No one hangs all over my baby Panda like that and gets away with it! I can't wait for Thursday!
Well, I can image this exact thing happening with him! 😂
Love it .thank you! Tag me please!
Ri.... 😪 come on! You can't be pulling stunts like this! 😒😒
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