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This is a totally amazing group, but unfortunately never took off and disbanded. A6P is a 6 member group that debuted under DS Entertainment on May 20, 2015. They were together for about 11 months before disbanding last month. A6P had one song which was absolutely amazing! But unfortunately they didn't achieve the popularity after they dropped a single, and made the call to disband.


Jung Yeon: Real Name: Kim Jung Yeon, Position: Leader, Vocals, Born: July 22, 1992, Only member born in '92
Ado: Real Name: Jung Won Cheol, Position: Vocals, Born: January 12, 1996, Doesn't remove his mask for a lot of thing and doesn't show his full face if he does remove it, not even for promotions and meetings
Jelly-P: Real Name: So Ji Hyuk, Position: Vocals, Born: February 13, 1996, Used to obe called Zyuk
Yaho: Real Name: Kim Jong Wook, Position: Vocals, Born: July 5, 1996, Friends with Woojoo from Wassup
Actin: Real Name: Jo Young So, Position: Vocals, Maknae, Born: September 29, 1996
Jaguar: Real Name: Lee In Soo, Position: Rapper, Born: January 16, 1996, I f they were girls, Yaho, Jung Yeon and Actin would date Jaguar
Ah, the one song they did. The moves were on fire, and were just amazing. I am a sucker for the rougher sounds, after growing up on a steady diet of rock and metal, but this is one of my fave songs in a while. Vocals were great, as well as a really cool concept!

What are your thoughts? Do you agree? Let us know below!

Love you guys! ~Elayne
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Actin is my bias >•< They are all so cute though. Yaho and I have the same birthday (different year though)
Ado is my bias and I never got to fully see his face. I was sad to hear they disbanded