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I always find spaghetti straps incredibly feminine and flattering. This versatile piece can be worn as a layering top or as a complimentary top with any type of bottom.
This black spaghetti strap is worn with a high waist denim and accessorized with a gold-tone jewelries.
A cami top tucked in wide-leg slacks is a fancy workplace attire for summer.
Here is another summer ensemble for special occasions. A white cami top paired with lace pencil skirt.
Either way there are endless options to style this piece.
However, do people normally wear it without a bra? I would imagine an adhesive bra would be the answer but isn't it uncomfortable to wear? Also, people with small bust would it not be too loose?
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its sexy and cute, goes with everything. I wouldnt wear a bra under it or you can wear one without strapless
my boobs are too big so I can't wear that...(ToT)
i dont think theyre meant for everyone. if your breasts are too big you should wear them unless you have some type of cardigan to wear over it or a blazer. i personally rarely wear these types of shirts unless its EXTREMELY hot
I like them depending on the fit. I think they look great on long flowy maxi dresses
I usually wear spaghetti straps and maybe something over it depending on where I'm going. If I'm going out for fun, then I just wear my bra and the spaghetti strap on top ^_^