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안녕하세요 , annyeonghaseyo, Hello Hello!! This is KPopBeat here with another update for my fellow (and non fellow) Monbebe. Early this morning my phone went off with the exciting notification that Monsta X had yet again Dropped another teaser for us. This time it was 'Oath of IM' video.
But before I just post the video lets look back at what we have been shown so far dealing with their pending comeback shall we?
On April 27 KST we were finally given the comeback schedule, or as Monsta X is calling it The X-CLAN Instruction Manual, that shows all of the groups plans for this comeback.
The next day though... we were all a bit shocked by the teams first clue....
Feet? Different kinds of X? Feathers? What in the world is Monsta X trying to tell us? Did you have any clues at this point? I know I didn't. I love puzzles but this one needed a few more pieces before I would be able to figure it out.
The very next day they dropped two new photos.....
Minhyuk's lips and flowers? Candles lilies a bowl and leaves..... nope still not figuring it out....
But if I had thought I was confused before.... the boys came out with a V App episode of X File 3 - EP. 1 that was supposed to bring more teasers....
Other than their adorable personalities and a very sweet live singing session the only thing I got out of this video is the possibility they will be fighting and it might have something to do with the military.
We did however get a nice little teaser about The boys putting out a pre-release track featuring Wheein from one of my all time favorite girl groups MAMAMOO. The song is named 'Ex Girl' and is supposed to be a digital single that will grace us on May 9 at midnight KST.
At this point we have caught up to where Monsta X is right now. As I said this morning they uploaded 'Oath of I.M'....
Do you have any ideas what the boys are trying to tell us? Any idea what we can expect from this comeback?
Tomorrow is my bias coming at us with 'Oath of Shownu'... *Silently fangirls* I will make sure to post that for you pretties too!!
Hope you enjoyed this card... it was more or less just to find out what your thoughts are as Monbebe and non Monbebe's.
@KPopBeat OUT!!!
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I got MASSIVE chills from I.M's path 😫😫😫😍❤️ THIS COMEBACK WILL KILL AGH
I'm so ready!! Andy next is Shownu?!? ugh I'm gonna die! (🐳 sky)