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So Crush has released 2 new singles off of his mini album Interlude, which I know many of us were highly anticipating!!!
So the first single is '우아해 (woo ah)'.
I first of all have to state that this is my favorite out of the 2 and that I love the mv as well. Despite there being a boatload of sexual innuendos that I didn't notice until the umpteenth time I saw the mv, the whole of the mv and the song was very soothing and slightly hypnotizing. And I suppose that was part of the goal for this song. Sooooo, Goal Achieved! At least from what I'm thinking....
Addressing the sexual innuendos, if you didn't notice them you're either too young to understand them or didn't realize that they're there (if you bothered to look at the mv at all) or your extremely naïve and slow like I am. But I'm not gonna explain them or point out specific ones because the whole mv was filled with them and I don't even know where to begin with it.....Besides I'm surprised I even noticed what they were...
But basically I like this song and the soothing tone that Crush puts out in it.
On to the next mv...
'9 to 5' , 5 to 9 , 7 11, 24/7..
Any way, with the end of 'woo ah' comes the beginning of '9 to 5' the next single off of Crush's mini. To be honest this song took me a minute but I really started to get into it after the first listen.
For starters with the song being titled '9 to 5' I assumed that there would have been an office like setting but after re-watching it and then re-watching it after watching 'woo ah' again, I basically figured it I didn't. I know, I'm pretty slow. Okay so I didn't fully understand the mv too much but I figured out most of it.....I think....
So what did you guys understand from the mv's ?
What did you like? Which didn't you like too much?
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Yes yes yes yes a thousand times yes loove this song
@stevieq I shall lmao either I'll find them right away or it'll take me a long Long LONG while to find them.. There is no in between.
@sarahdarwish that's ok my friends have corrupted my mind over the years so I saw them lol @Lizzeh go ahead and find you'll be surprised
OMG yas! I didn't notice the innuendos. I shall search for them later. But they're really catchy. I like 😍
Woo ah had a nice tune but me being slow I didn't understand much of the sexual innuendos 😂