So far Jimin Part 1 is winning, but there's only a 6 votes. I really need some results. The the top three winners will be the next ones I will write in order of their places they receive. I have several ones where there is just one vote on and it will be hard to figure out who the winners are, so please vote. Here's the LINK. Thanks for reading/ voting hope you enjoy ~Luna Tag List: @jeoneljay @janellym123 @dchapple45 @SindyHernandez @FalseLove @Kpopfangirl15 @tiffany1922 @HeichousRegalia @LizbethOrtega @KatiePrihodiko @Orihemay @GreciaFlores @Imoee @Cassierchiquach @NadineEsquivel @Christinequa @Michelle305 @Saeda1320 @Bikutoria13 @lopleaf19 P. s. let me know if i missed you in the tag list. (credits to the gif owners)
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