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More prom hair inspiration! So, if you are still looking for that perfect hairstyle you might as well try one of these.
Scroll to the right for video tutorial!
1. Voluminous hair bun decorated with embellishment. A classy hairstyle if you're going for a modern Audrey Hepburn look.This is seriously so easy you can finish the entire process within 3 mins max.
2. Wrapped low bun. A graceful hairstyle that would go well with either an long gown or a-line dress. Not recommended if you have lots of layers because it will be hard to pin it to place.
3. Twisted half-up. An ethereal-inspired hair but a more simplified version. You can wear it without curling your hair but the key of this hairstyle is texture!
Note: Missy Sue used extension on some of her hairstyles tutorial but you don't need extension to get the same result.
4. Flower adorned low ponytail. This one might be a little difficult to accomplish on your own if you're not used to doing your hair from the back.
5. One sided fishtail braid. Sometimes the more simple the hairstyle the more graceful it will be. Try this effortless style!
6. Dutch-Fish side braid. This hybrid braid is pretty fun and will look great with a one-shoulder dress.
I did the half fish tail and lace braid. really noce
I love the twisted half up and the flower adorned braid!!
@jazziejazz Cool! Did you get to take any pics?