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Apparently, a large majority of Americans today think that the Founding Fathers wouldn't be happy with the direction of our country. I want to hear what you all think. What would they (theoretically) like us to change?
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Maybe the founders wouldn't be so upset after all!
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I think they would be. They tried to separate church and state and everyday politicians get closer to blurring the lines. @JohnLee I agree with you too. People don't realize how influential these corporations are. I read a book where it talked about how they effect the way teachers teach at all levels of education. They also have way too much political power and it's not right. It's pretty scary. But I realize that it's still better here than most other place. I'm always thankful I was born here.^^
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@Saravy What book is that? Interested in reading it. You should also read "Deadly Spin." It's a book on how the healthcare insurance companies used PR to discredit Obama's Healthcare plan. It's pretty scary stuff.
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@saravy have you heard about schools in Texas where teachers are required to include creationism as an alternative to evolution?
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@johnlee thanks for the recommendation! I'll check it out too
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