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So, I got into K-pop around..October of 2014, but I knew of its existence because I use to be a big J-rock fan! BUT I DISCOVERED SOMETHING TODAY!
In 7th grade (2010) I was a huge huuuuge fan of a Youtube Cover singer called "Shayne Orok" I new every word to his original songs, and I had downloaded and loved every version of his covers! ( I was pretty obsessed).
Well today I decided to look him up on YouTube (nostalgia)! To my surprise, the songs I use to listen to of his and his covers were of some K-pop artist and Korean singer!! THAT MEANS... I didn't discover and listen to it in 2014...but in 2009! Like that is a huuuuuge difference in years, and honestly I'm in shock! xD LOL BUUUUT CHECK OUT HIS COVERS THEY ARE AMAZING THIS WAS MY FIRST I HEARD OF HIS AND APPARENTLY MY FIRST INTRODUCTION TO KOREAN MUSIC AND THE CULTURE (He has a Korean version of this song) P.S He is only half Korean..and I want to say half Filipino and he used to live in Canada. xD