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Hello and welcome to Who's that Pokemon Contest 8!I'm your Host AnimeNerdie! and I'm here to give you the instructions of how to play!
How to play:
- I give you a generation of which Pokemon you're going to pick from
- you will comment in the comments below which pokemon you will like to be for Monday's Who's That Pokemon (example: AnimeNerdie: Pikachu)
- the Pokemon that is mention the most in the comments will win.
- the runner ups will be posted throughout the week!
- if you comment a Pokemon that I've already done, that Pokemon will not be picked since I've already done it. But you are allowed to pick the evolve forms of them
- check my Pokemon Collection for the ones you cannot pick!


For this week, you will picking the pokemon from the First Generation Good luck!
Also I tag people who have been playing, or have asked me to keep tagging them. if you want to still be tagged to see these, then just let me know, or just keep playing and I'll keep on tagging you! If I forget to tag you here's what you should do. Follow my Pokemon Collection so you don't miss out on any of the pokemon cards I will make!
@NickGeary yes I was well aware of that after I posted it. I don't understand why it was doing that. it works on the computer but not on the phone
electrode 😀
pink goo!! ditto
@AnimeNerdie cant connect to server for link!! 😮
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