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I didn't know there was a World Video Game Hall of Fame until today. But these 6 games just got announced as inductees to the Hall of Fame this year and I don't think they could have picked any better ones. The six games are:

Sonic the Hedgehog

Grand Theft Auto 3

The Oregon Trail

The Sims

The Legend of Zelda

Space Invaders

It's really awesome to see games be a part some something bigger than just Top 10 lists on people's websites. So I'm happy that there's a place out there that's doing this. I put photos of the games that are being inducted below, all courtesy of Polygon/The Strong.
I'm just excited that Sonic is finally getting his due. I mean, he's so fast, he's so blue, and is there anyone you know who can do what he... do... I was trying to rhyme this whole time but I messed it up. Sorry.
Anyway, tonight when you go out to your fancy places of worship, have a drink for Sonic and pals because they made it. They finally made it.
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we had to play Oregon trail for a video game class in high school