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SOOMPI | May 4, 2016
Boyfriend will soon be putting out a new track! On May 4, Boyfriend shared a teaser picture which features all six members standing on a beach with their backs to us and their arms raised in the air. The teaser tells us that they’ll be releasing an album or track entitled “To My Best Friend,” which will come out on May 26.
Boyfriend debuted on May 26 of 2011 with their first single “Boyfriend” on Mnet’s “M!Countdown.” It’s therefore not clear whether this is a comeback by the group, or only a gift song – but either way, it will be a special way to celebrate their fifth debut anniversary! Since their debut, Boyfriend has put out one full Korean album, as well as four mini albums and several singles, and two full albums in Japan. Their most recent release was “Bounce” in March of 2015. Are you looking forward to hearing something new by Boyfriend? Update: This article has been altered from its original version to reflect the fact that this may not be a comeback by Boyfriend, but only a song release. Hopefully we’ll get a comeback from Boyfriend soon!
[NOTE]: I recently listened to Boyfriend again and realized how much I missed them so I did some research and lucky enough I found this! I'm surprised no one has said anything about this before... Anticipate their new song release! Listen to kpop and make today the best day ever! 안녕~
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Yay! I love them so much! I can't wait to see a comeback! 😄
ahhh I have recently listen to BF and i have to say I might like these boys so I'm excited too!
I'm glad they are releasing something new, and hopefully if this is not a comeback, that will happen soon!!
yayyyy this makes meeeee soooooooooo happy ❤👌👌😍😍