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One day (on July 18 , 2013) I was just scrolling through my YouTube feed and I had came across something I've never seen before. It was a video of "Youtubers react to Kpop". I was very intrigued because I had never heard of Kpop before then. I clicked on the link and the Youtubers were reacting to Big Bang's "Fantastic baby", Girls Generation's "I got a boy", and SHINee's "Lucifer". I was well into my grunge music stage, but my ears perked, my eyes gazed and my mouth was open with aww. That was the day I fell in love with Kpop. Slowly I had been researching songs in Kpop, finding my favorite groups, and finding my favorite solo singers. In 2014, I was almost completely away from American music. Even though my favorite groups have expanded now, I still have my first and favorite Kpop group Big Bang.
I really don't have a bias in this group anymore because I consider them to be my "Savior" group ("Savior" group - the one's who enlightened you to Kpop). It was TOP because I seem to have the reverse of the "Maknae" syndrome. I always fall for the eldest of the group (LOL). Now, my close second is BTS (very close second) but Big Bang is my "Savior" group. If another group pushes them out of number one I will be surprised, unless it was BTS.
I want to keep this as like a tag thing. I want to read about everybody else's stories about "How I came to be...". Its interesting to see where we all came from and where we all ended up in Kpop. Tell me bout your "Savior" group or idol, current favorite group/idol, who you usually fall for in group...
Tell me your story... I'm all ears...
Thank you for reading my story, I hope you enjoyed
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P.s. let me know if I missed you in the tag list and sorry if some has already started this kind of thing (I give you credit as well).
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My savior group was Shinee :3 I was like 8 when my brother showed me Shinee ring ding dong and omf I was hooked but then came big bang, 2pm ,suju, etc and suju knocked Shinee out of first place real fast and donghae was the ub then came bts and now bts is my number one group since debut and jungkook is the UB XD *rolls around* I regret nothing this is the life even though I cry everyday and my family questions my life
the first time i heard kpop was 2ne1 i am the best when they were on ANTM. But Big Bang is my savior group also, it was them that started my research into listening to other kpop groups. i just wished i found them earlier
One of my coworkers showed me Hyuna's "Bubble Pop" and it caught my interest, but I would have to say that my "Savior" group was VIXX because they were what really kept me into kpop X3
very interest to see how we all differently how we all came to be
sounds amazing @mrsjeon