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.....I don't want to be rude but having bts at two kcons is a bad idea because they are very busy with promotions and concerts let alone this and the selfish fans complaining about how they aren't in LA is just wrong and I hope they won't over work themselves
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@CreeTheOtaku you aren't being rude. I agree with you 100%. Bts needs a break. They have already done so much for us ARMY's. I saw that how some fans were complaining saying they aren't in LA. I hope Bts doesn't over work themselves. In my opinion they should just go to one Kcon, Not both.
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I wish they should pick for themselves which one they wanna go to or if they don't want to do it and needs a break they shouldn't need to be at the kcon.
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@FalseLove here's the lineup of who's going to New York and & La
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