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Genre: Angst
Pairing: Namjoon x Reader
Length: 2403 words
Summary: Finally found a man I want. Until he turned out to be my student.
Part: 12/?
I didn’t stop until I reached the the staffroom, unintentionally slamming the door shut behind me. I was prepared to smile apologetically to whoever was in there, but the room was empty. I sighed to myself. The science department were all probably teaching right now.
I wanted to speak to Namjoon, so bad. But I didn’t want to take him out of lesson. I was flopped down, head in hands, praying for my sanity that Jin wouldn’t follow me in here.
Five Minutes passed. Then ten. I breathed a sigh of relief. I was in the clear. He could teach the rest of today’s lectures himself because I couldn’t even stand the thought of being near him. Without thinking, my hand ghosted over the smooth expanse of skin Jin had marked, and I silently cursed at him.
I wanted to cry. Just sob my heart out. But this wasn’t the time nor the place. Unbelievably, I fell asleep on the chair I was sat on. I didn’t wake up until I heard a door close. I frowned as I rubbed at my eyes, squinting at the harsh light. People had been going in and out, and no one woke me up?
I checked my phone, my eyes widening. Two hours, Jesus Christ. I also had a text from Namjoon, 3 minutes ago, asking where I was. He had gone passed our lecture room and only seen Jin. I told him I was in the staffroom, and that I’d meet him by the car.
I got up, stretching my sore muscles, and looked at my reflection in the table- and instantly frowned. My face was streaked with dried tears....had I been crying in my sleep?
Well, shit.
I hurried out of the building, keeping my head down. I tried to position my hair to cover my neck as I half walked, half ran.. Namjoon was already there, leaning on my car, cigarette in hand. I swallowed and smoothed down my skirt, not looking at him in the eye as he stared intensely.
“Something’s wrong”, his deep voice broke the silence as he uncrossed his legs slowly and stood up to his full height.
“I...yeah-er, I fell asleep”, I mumbled.
“Y/n. You weren’t teaching. Jin was. Why?” Namjoon was trying to get me to look at him in the eye, but my gaze remained transfixed to the pavement.
“I didn’t want to be near him”, I replied, grimacing at our little encounter earlier.
Silence. I smoothed my skirt down again, out of nervousness, as I saw him exhale the smoke in my peripheral vision. I had picked him over Jin. He understood me. So why did I feel so nervous?
“Look at me”, he ordered abruptly. I looked at the cigarette in his hand, then looked away again. That classed as looking at him, right?
“Y/n. I said look at me”, he repeated, a bit more sternly. I reluctantly met his dark gaze, and he frowned. “You’ve been crying.”
I automatically looked back down, watching the cigarette fall to the ground and step on it. A normal teacher would tell him off for littering, but I think it was established by now that I was hardly a normal teacher.
He yanked my chin upwards and asked softly, “Why?”I could smell the intoxicating cigarette smoke on his breath- to be honest, I was growing to like it. I couldn’t stand it before meeting him
But before I could say anything, his eyes fell onto my neck and I knew instantly he could see the mark. His breath hitched and there was nothing but anger emanating from his dark eyes.
“That motherfucker”, Namjoon growled, instantly putting 1+1 together. “He touched you?”
I nodded and swallowed, before speaking in a small voice. Just before I started., we heard a small group of students chatting in the car park. Namjoon took his hand away, and as they passed I said in a loud voice “And that assignment is in for tonight, so make sure you complete and submit it....”
I breathed a sigh of relief as they passed, and looked around me before continuing. “He was there after everyone left. He was pissed. We argued.”
I shut my eyes tight and sighed. I highly doubted Namjoon was going to believe that with the mark there. It probably looked like we did something more.
Irritated, I ran a hand through my hair. “Say something”, I urged. I opened my eyes and looked at him. His fists were clenched and I had never seen him look so angry. That included the first day of teaching when Namjoon saw me and Jin for the first time.
“I’m going to kill him.”
My eyes widened in alarm. “No no no. Be angry at me. Hurt me. I deserve it.”
I didn’t know why I was trying to protect Jin- the prick deserved it. But if Namjoon laid a hand on him...goodbye degree.
“He made you feel like shit”, Namjoon spoke through clenched teeth. Of course he had known hat had happened without me actually telling him- this was Namjoon. He knew everything. I had almost scoffed when Jin called him a ‘delinquent’.
“He touched you. He made you cry.” He repeated, “I’m going to kill him.”
“Namjoon it was my fault too for letting hi-”
“Bullshit”, he growled. “Stop trying to pacify me y/n. It doesn’t take a genius to see that bastard’s stronger than you. He had you in one spot didn’t he?” My mind flashed to Jin holding my wrists to stop me from moving. I didn’t say anything but my silence was enough for Namjoon.
Namjoon shook his head in disgust, and attempted to walk forward. I out my hand out to his chest to stop him. “Namjoon please”, I pleaded. “You didn’t even lash out when he kicked you!”
“This isn’t about me. This is about you y/n. He can’t treat you like this. He’s a piece of shit, and I’m going to show him his place.”
“His place is that he’s your godamn teacher!” I cried.
The main building would be empty as it was too late for the students and teachers, and too early for the cleaners. No one to stop Namjoon.
I heard a distinct voice in the distance and my head whipped around. Jin and ‘the temp’ as I had now dubbed her. He was hugging her ‘bye’ just outside the main entrance- just like the gentleman Jin I thought I knew. The stark contrast of how he treated her versus how he treated me was a bitter pill to swallow.
Why was she still here? God knows. She giggled and waved back as she walked off, as he turned and made his way to the car park.
I heard Namjoon mutter. “Speak of the fucking devil.”
Jin looked up a few metres away from us. He froze instantly, that familiar dark look returning. His eyes darted from Namjoon who was stood behind ,to me. I didn’t miss the small smirk that played on his lips when he saw my neck.
“Namjoon, we should go”, I muttered, not taking my eyes off Jin who was cockily walking over. I looked around frantically, praying for someone else to be here, but it was empty.
“Namjoon, let’s go”, I pleaded again, pulling at his arms.
“Yeah Namjoon”, Jin drawled, mocking me. “Let’s go, so you can fu-”
“Shut the fuck up”, Namjoon snapped. In a swift movement, he had stepped in front of me, so now I was behind him, shielded from Jin’s view.
“You think I’m stupid?”, Jin growled. “You don’t give a shit about her. She’s just as easy fuck to you!” I blanched at his words. What the hell was he talking about.
“You had a reputation for sleeping around in college, didn’t you?” Jin accused. How the hell did he know that? I suppose gossip got around- either that, or Jin had actively tried to go and dig some dirt on Namjoon.
“You son of a bitch”, Namjoon muttered, stepping forward a couple of steps. I couldn’t let this happen. This would only end badly.
“Y/n liked me”, Jin smirked, as I slowly moved from behind Namjoon and was ready to jump in between them if anything kicked off. “She liked me for so long.”
“And now she doesn’t”, Namjoon bluntly replied. “Get the fuck over it. You seem happy enough with the temp. Or is she an ‘easy fuck’?” Namjoon echoed Jin’s words, making him scowl.
“Y/n doesn’t like me? So why did she enjoy earlier?” He gave a small laugh. “That’s it”, Namjoon growled, marching forward, fists at the ready.
“Namjoon, no!” I yelled, rushing forward to stop him. Jin was egging him on to get him expelled- I knew it. Namjoon got to Jin before I got to him. He grabbed Jin by the collar harshly, while Jin stared at him coldly.
“Namjoon”, I warned him.
“You’re just a fuck boy”, Jin spat. “And if she’s fallen for you then more fool her.” Jin turned to me, completely unperturbed by Namjoon’s presence. “I’ve warned you so many times now y/n. He’s just gonna hurt you. How many girls has he fucked while you’ve been seeing him?”
I opened my mouth to tell him to shut up, but Namjoon abruptly kneed him in the stomach, knocking the wind out of him. Shit. Jin grunted, but kept that pained smile on his face.
Jin suddenly headbutted Namjoon who let go of him and stumbled back. Before he could step up to Namjoon again, I got in between them and gave me a hefty shove. It stopped him from walking.
He looked murderous. “Move out of my way y/n”, he spat. His eyes were on Namjoon, even whilst talking to me. I tried to shove him again, but he grabbed my wrist. “Jin, go home!” I yelled. My wrists were already sore from earlier, and him grabbing them again really wasn’t helping.
“Let go of her you bastard!” Namjoon shouted. His voice echoed in the empty car-park.
I tried to kick him in an attempt to get him to let go, but he pushed me away, so my leg couldn’t reach. At the same time, he listened to Namjoon’s request and let go of my wrist, so I fell to the ground. Hard. Not gonna lie, it hurt. Especially when my bare legs grazed the concrete.
I looked up at Jin, blinking back tears. His eyes were slightly wide with disbelief and he looked like he regretted that. “Shit y/n I am so sorr-”
Namjoon was at my side quicker. He hoisted me up effortlessly. “Y/n, are you ok?” I nodded wordlessly. “Please don’t do this”, I whispered to Namjoon. “Please Namjoon.”
His eyes softened at my words, but instantly hardened when he looked over at Jin. Jin was looking at me now, his eyes pleading. I shut my eyes tight to block out that image.
“Y/n, I’m sorry I-”
“Shut the hell up”, Namjoon cut off Jin’s apology. His voice was dangerously quiet, and Jin instantly stopped. He looked like the fight had drained out of him.
But not for long. “Why can’t you see you mean nothing to him?” Though my eyes were still shut, I knew Jin was addressing me. “That girl he was with on Day One, he treats her as his own personal slut. Isn’t that right, Namjoon?”
My eyes shot open. “No”, I whispered. Was Namjoon still sleeping with that girl? A growl emanated from Namjoon’s chest, but he said nothing. A small smile played on Jin’s lips.
“She wanted to speak to a counsellor about it. ‘A boy uses me for my body, but I love him.’ Heart-wrenching stuff.” I drowned out Jin’s mocking tone. So that was what it had come to.
Jin had Yoona. Namjoon had that annoying ass girl. So what the fuck were they actually fighting about?
“Motherfucker”, Namjoon breathed. I slowly pulled away from his grasp. My legs were killing me, but that wasn’t the reason for my tears. “Wow”, I choked out. “Guess I was the real idiot here, huh?”
“No y/n, it’s not like tha-”
“Then what the fuck is it like Namjoon?! She slipped and fell on your dick numerous times?” My voice was getting louder but I didn’t care. And Jin- if he knew this, why the fuck didn’t he tell me earlier?
Oh I knew why. He wanted to see me suffer, to see me break. Well congratulations to him, he had achieved that goal.
“I’ve got to go”, I muttered. I felt like a fool, thinking I was the only one he liked. “Y/n!” Namjoon called, following me. I kept going, walking at a swift pace, even though my knees stung everytime I bent my legs to step forward.
That was nothing compared to the internal pain I felt right now. Fuck Namjoon. Fuck Jin. Fuck everything. I got to my car and almost had the door open, when Namjoon grabbed my hand. I turned my head and saw Jin sauntering off to his own car.
His demeanour looked cocky, but his face looked strangely guilty. As soon as he was out of earshot I hissed to Namjoon, “Fuck you and your double standards. Jin kissed me, and OK I didn’t want that, but you fucking blow a fuse. But then it turns out you’ve been sleeping with someone else.” I scoffed as the words left my mouth.
How could I have been so stupid? Yes he was my age, but he was only a student. I had a somewhat stable job, and he didn’t. I was more willing to commit- and he fucking wasn’t.
“Please, hear me out”, he started but I held up my free hand as if to say ‘enough’. I had supported him, gone through with this relationship despite the dangers, stuck up for him, and the whole time he had been going behind my back?
“No Namjoon.” I swallowed harshly, and tried to control my voice. “There’s nothing left to say. Have a nice time with your new girlfriend- unless you decide to cheat on her too.”
He loosened his grip on me, his face in shock, and I took that opportunity to get into my car. This was it. We were done. I don’t know how, but I managed to get home, despite crying all the way.
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Both guys are just freakin assholes at some times, more Jin than Namjoon, but at least Namjoon still cares
Fuck both of them!! They're cut from the same cloth and she just needs to move on from both! Uuuggghh the damn feels!!! 😡😡😡😡😡😭😭😭😭😭
Awwwwwwwww poor baby, she needs to just leave and start over in a new town and just cut off all contact with them, change her number and everything.
Of course. Why fall in love with bipolar jerks? Oh yeah, cuz we're idiots. *face palms*
. . . . Both stories are getting good... I can't handle all of this😭😭
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