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I think this be one of my fav collage pics of all time!! Even though we may be from different places or origins we are all NAKAMA and can all connect if we just try!! So I always vow to protect and help my NAKAMA no matter what!! We can change our destiny's and make this a better world, make it OUR WORLD!! Feel good Friday!! Anime is life!!
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@dildil15 I think hes from hit man reborn but I'm not sure
@dildil15 yep @nimm14 is right
@LuffyNewman wooo I know things xD
@nimm14 idk why he is in a lot of big time anime collage shots c hit man reborn wasn't really that great not lengthy or well known or a top anime/manga so idk guess he was just liked by people haha But yep you were def right, hard to mis the flame on the forehead haha
@LuffyNewman Lol true I have never understood that but yeah hard to miss the flam xD