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Who do you prefer
Sinon (blue hair) or Asuna (Burnett hair) I personally prefer Sinon I just lover her attitude and she so cute.
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I refuse to choose...
2 years ago·Reply
Well I haven't seen enough of Sao 2 so I can't choose, however... I really really love Asuna, Kirito, and yui. So many tears shed, plus they were married even if in game! Therefore, Sinoh has gotta do quite a bit to bring me to tie or choose her ship. I look forward to watching
2 years ago·Reply
I want to say Sinon but Asuna is an amazing cook and thats why she has my vote.
2 years ago·Reply
Sinon ftw.
a year ago·Reply
@BlackDragon88 wow it's been a while since anyone said anything on this one
a year ago·Reply