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Whats your favorite gay ship?
So? Whats everyones favorite yaoi/gay ship? I know everyone secretly has one❤️❤️ I will be using all your comments to find what kind of fan art I should post So help me out! Comment your favorite ship!!
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Let me just.... *whips out a long ass list of yaoi ships* ahh...hmm...I dunno...there's quite a few. (●´∀`●)
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Natsu x Zeref Kagami x Kuroko all pairs from SIH & Junjou Romantica Shizuo x Izaya Haru x Ren from Super Lover and a few more...
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SasuxNaru #1 ZoroxLuffy #2 Drarry #3 NejiGaa KankuroSai SasoDei KakuHida KisaIta RinxHaru ShinoxKiba KakaIru SebastianxCiel ClaudexAlois LightxL LevixEren ByakuyaxRenji and all of the pairs from the Junjou series
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DenNor SuFin AmericaxRussia RussiaxPrussia PrussiaxLithuania prussiaxAustria GreecexTurkey Fruk GermanyxPrussia PrussiaxCanada ...I'm stopping there before I go to another anime
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Asami×Akihito Usagi×Misaki Barnaby×Kotetsu Law×Luffy Erwin×Levi Sebastian×Ciel Hisoka×Gon
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