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This was the hardest quiz I have ever taken cuz I didn't want to feel bad for whoever my bias is cuz I don't even know TOO BAD I GOT MY BIAS WRECKER JIMINNIE UGH Take the quiz here and cry with me:
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IF ONLY THIS WAS TRUE. cause i got jimin. . Ultimate BIAS WRECKER
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I got J-Hope 馃槉 i think we would balance each other well.
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I got J-Hope...Didn't see that coming cx I never looked at him as a Soul mate but always as a cool friend that I would love to have since he's so funny and happy all the time ^-^
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I got Jin... But, the picture was Taehyung....??? I'm so confused. 馃槓
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@SamanthaRamdath ha that's actually awesome like they can't even decide on a bias
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