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➺ Hello all! Mod Here, as we have stated in the previous cards, this is a warm-up of getting you used to seeing Cross Gene weekly.

➺ We will be more in-depth next week.

We Love Our Cross Gene Maknae, and all agree that life wouldn't be the same without our


➺ Let's Introduce him to you, if you aren't familiar with Cross Gene.

➺ I made the Picture, to give you a rundown of what the Maknae is like.

➺ Birth Name: Kim Yong Seok

Stage Name: Yongseok

Nickname: Mypace Gene Birthday: January 8, 1993 Position: Main Vocalist, Maknae Height: 176 cm (5'7") ➡ Place of Birth: South Korea  ➡ Great at Memorizing Things ➡ Mischievous Maknae

➺ He Will Steal Your Heart if you aren't careful. YOU KINDA HAVE TO RUN AWAY FROM HIM. TAKE MY WARNING.

➺ OR Don't it's completely up to your discretion. I Wish you all the luck.

➺ Aside from being mischievous, he has banging dexterity.

➺ Hes extremely wonderful and is my Precious Maknae Babyu.

❣ Who is a Yongseokie Fan?

❣ Tagging CandY Mod Squad ❣

Tagging Yak Pak:

Tagging Requested CandY Babies:

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I'm sorry, but all I have to say is Seokkie's ass in them leather pants. 😍😍😍
Oh my!!!! I knew all the boys in Cross Gene were lookers, but dayam! I'm having a hard time picking a favorite??
@ErinGregory Haha yeasss!! Welcome to the wonderful world of Cross Gene!! 😂😂 They like to attack you with feels when you do try and choose! ♡ They like to torture the fans 😂
@AimeeH , I can't have a set bias, every time I'm like "YES THIS IS THE ONE" I learn something new about someone and I'm stuck there like, "wait what happened"
@ErinGregory Haha it is definitely a lot harder than you would Think!! They all have equally great qualities and will have you falling in love all over, when you think you have a set Bias!! ♡
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