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YOU: What time are you picking me up?
MJA: We should be done around 6 today. 7 works?
YOU: 7 is great. Oppa?
MJA: :) yes?
YOU: I can’t wait.
The possibility that this relationship could really work has you grinning like an idiot. When you turn in the finished paperwork the HR clerk must have thought you were a loon. Who grins while filling out 10 pages of paperwork? Girls with hot idols texting them, that’s who… oh, that’s you! You have to stop yourself from whistling as you walk out to find a taxi. There are still a couple of hours left before the shoot wraps up for the day, you could just head home but decide to earn your money and show up.
Moonie corners you the minute you walk onto the set. He pulls you into one of the dressing rooms and stares you down.
“I knew it! You two made up didn’t you?” He’s practically giddy, drumming his steepled fingers together.
“What? How can you possibly know that?”
“Well, anyone with eyeballs can see darling. First, you came back. If he still didn’t want you here you’d have gone home.” He pauses for a second, “Oh, how was the interview? No, tell me later.” He waves his hands in dismissal and continues, “Second, I cornered you to find out if you had anything to do with Mr Sunshine in there. But Third, you have the same derpy grin on your face so I don’t need to ask.”
He stares smugly at you for a minute, “Now, tell Moonie all… have we had make-up sex yet or am I to expect beyond derpy faces tomorrow? I know for a fact that make-up sex is some of the greatest.” He’s waggling his eyebrows at you as your jaw hits the floor.
“Yes, yes, I know my own name…details girl, I have to live vicariously through you.”
You roll your eyes and laugh at his try at an earnest face.
“First,” you begin by holding up a finger up to mock him, “we made up over text. We’re starting over and going out tonight.” Before he can speak out about glowing faces tomorrow you hold two fingers up. “Second, he and I haven’t had sex yet thank you very much.”
His jaw comically falls to the floor and you laugh out loud. “Lastly, third; you don’t live vicariously through anyone you sexy manwhore.”
He laughs out loud as he turns this way and that, “I am rather delicious aren’t I?”
You face palm and drag him back out onto the set.
You didn’t tell Kyungil that you were coming back; you don’t want to distract him. This will be an interesting chance to watch him without his knowledge. While the director is off discussing something with the camera man, the guys are goofing around together, maybe a bit of practice is thrown in. You watch something fall and three guys dive for it; none are successful. As the glass in the picture breaks, five heads suddenly look up guiltily and glance around. You shake your head, walk over to your prop box and grab the extra frame. Four guys try to casually hide Yijeong as he slyly walks off the set with it behind his body. You meet him half way, switch the frames and walk over to throw the other in the trash bin.
He walks back on the set and quickly replaces it, all walk off like nothing happened. You can’t help but laugh which brings one of the heads up immediately. You smile over at him and shake a finger in his direction with a tsk tsk. He just grins back and shrugs his shoulders like a little boy. This is the playful side of him that you wish came out more often. This smiling, teasing, sexy man child who you’re afraid you’re falling for.
You study him for the next hour and a half. You can see what Moonie means about the difference in his disposition. He seems lighter, he's smiling easier; and is quicker to laugh with everyone. When the director yells cut for the day, you have about five minutes and then your phone buzzes. You’re expecting it to be Kyungil but it isn’t.
SCM: You two made up?
YOU: Why does everyone keep asking me that? Makes me feel like all of it was my fault.
SCM: Lol, no I didn’t mean that. He is just himself again plus a little more.
YOU: A little bit more?
SCM: Happier, a little bit happier, we are all really happy to see that. No we live with him, we know his lack of communication skills. I should have warned you earlier, but you met him before me.
YOU: True, but I think it is more a trust issue. He’s been hurt before? Didn’t you mention an ex?
SCM: Yeah, that was bad. She’s poison. The kind you don’t realize you’ve taken until you’re addicted you know? We all said good riddance.
YOU: I don’t want to hurt him but I don’t want to be hurt either.
SCM: We all have high hopes for this time around. Can I ask you something?
YOU: Sure.
SCM: Would you get mad if you knew that he was coached a little while texting you earlier?
YOU: Lol so you KNEW we made up.
SCM: Technically. We didn’t tell him what to say or even know what he said. We just wiped his brow while he sweat bullets about it.
And you thought your heart couldn’t melt anymore today. You are in so much trouble when he picks you up in the next hour.
AWWW I LOVE THIS CHAPTER! And the interaction with Moonie had me dying of laughter 😂😂😂😂
Moonie is just too cute for words!! lol Can't wait to see what happens next. will things go well or will he put his foot in his mouth yet again?! hehe!
omg gah
So sweet! Can't wait for our date. 💖