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Hoshi was in first place!!! Everyone loves him :D I hope everyone likes it! THANK YOU FOR EVERYONE WHO VOTED! NEXT WILL BE JUN!

One Morning, You get up and dress yourself in comfy clothes. You threw on some joggers and a black shirt. You just added a simple ponytail for looks. You walked around the block to hear some music blasting. You walk into the dance studio with excitement on your mind. You see everyone resting as everyone was in their own little clique. "Hey (Y/N)!" Someone greeted. You look over you to find Hoshi smiling at you. "Hi... What have you been working on so far?" You asked him with concern. "Only a few dance moves... Not much." He continues, "Plus I needed a partner anyway." He blushes lightly as you giggled shyly, Making him blush even more. "Well.. Your partner is here. Can you teach me Oppa?" You asked him with a grieving smile. He stands stiffly. "Okay we are going to start like this.." He pauses as he gets into position. As he shows you each move he repeats the same numbers... "1..
4.. 5..
8.." As he starts to dance gracefully you start to get the hang of it. You smiled as he pranced around you like a petite ballerina. When he spins towards your direction, His eyes met yours. You never felt so connected him before, Like... As if he was the magnet, Pulling you with force. He chuckles as he shyly looks down. You smiled at his bluff. He goes to take a break as he drinks his water. You thought to yourself, 'What is this feeling? When did he get so cute? What is wrong with me?' "(Y/N)? Are you okay?" He interupts. He seemed to be concerned as he made severe eye contact. "I'm okay Oppa.. Just a bit dizzy." You hesitated. "Here have some water" He offers. You took a sip without looking stupid or trying so hard to not choke. You set it down as you stood up stiffly. You turned on some K-Pop to get your blood flowing. You looked at Hoshi as the song, "Now" by TroubleMaker starts to play. He immediately gets into character as you both synchronize the sexy twirls and steamy dance moves. He starts to get into it some because he strokes your legs without hesitation. You seemed to get more and more hotter as you felt thirsty (Dont think like that xD I see you) "Oppa... Le-" He pulls you into his arms as he looks into your eyes. You felt him breathing heavily against your sensitive nose. "(Y/N)... I need to confess something.." He suddenly saddens. You look at him with wonder. His hands shake in anxiety as he breathes out.. "I have been catching feelings for you... And I really really like you..." "Oppa.. I really like you too..." You told him with a smile; Which seemed to give him a vibrate shock. He smilingly embraces a passionate kiss with his cold lips press up against yours. As he pulls away, He whispers to you, "I'm really glad music brought us together..." "Me too.." You responded. He hugs you as he never lets go..." I know it's a bit early to say this but... You are the best thing that has ever happened in my life.."

Aww thanks Oppa I tried my best... I only had a limited amount of time so I know it sucks jams but I'm not good with oneshots xD As you can clearly tell!

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@IsoldaPazo Lol well thank you so much!
@MrsJungHoseok yes it was too adorable..I was saying aww the whole time
@IsoldaPazo Really?! Thank you! I tried my best xD
too cute!!