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Not really. Well, with the right conditions and the right equipment, you can sort of see it. The red arrows in the picture point to where you can see the Great Wall and the yellow arrow points to where you can't see it but is probably there. What you CAN see are the Great Pyramids at Giza, Egypt (see pic 2).
I don't understand why anyone believes this. Just because something is long doesn't mean you could see it from space. The great wall is around 10 meters wide (ballpark). Wouldn't any river that wide also show up (if it were real)?
@curtisb I think it was one of those things that someone said and it's just persisted over the years. Like many other misconceptions.
@curtsb @YinofYang you're both right. unfortunately, i used to believe this...lol :S
@minjaeturtles Oh, you're not alone. When I was younger, I thought the same. :P