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We saw Red Velvet at LAX around Noon today for their next performance at the 14th Korea Times Music Festival in L.A. Hollywood Bowl. Yerim is sweet for the Finger love cross thing she did. Irene had to come later because she was MC at a KPOP show and she is on her way to LAX as well around 3pm. Stay tuned for more updates!
Meanwhile it's 5:30pm and no word on Irene from Red Velvet. I'm outside LAX waiting for Twitter updates but it seems to be the only one here. How long can I wait? Not long because it's getting too much. 8 hour wait. Stay tuned for more updates.
Probably Irene is heading to LA tomorrow according to the Flight schedule as the final flights were 3:10pm and 3:26pm. Thanks a lot fansite. That was not funny SHINee will be leaving Toronto by Dawn.