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So since alot of you guys wanted to continue this series, I've decided to continue. Instead of 3 idols now it will be 4. I have a long list and plus y'all suggested some too so yeah. Enjoy these 4 I picked today!

Rap Monster- BTS

A leader who is great rapper with even greater lips. True or Nah???

Ken- Vixx

Main vocalist who will not only shocked you with his voice but with his lips as well.

Zico- Block B

Leader of Block and an awesome rapper!! His lips have ruined my bias list so many times...


This cute little ball of goodness has amazing lips too.
What Do You Guys Think Of These Idol's Lips?? Don't Worry! I will try to put at least one person's suggestion on one of these cards. So please suggest other idols who you think have luscious lips. Tagging you guys: @sherrysahar @Sammie99522 @lashonda0917 @P1B2Bear @mycreativename @HopefulHopie @lizochoa @DeniseiaGardner @FelicianaRomero @amobigbang @KokoroNoTakara @AlyssaGelet818 Let Me Know If You Want To Added To The Tag List!!!
Zico's lips have killed me! His are my favorite
Those are some luscious men... what about Sungyeol from Infinite? His lips are so full and kissable... And Jimin's are so sexy too...well all of Jimin is really...what was I talking about again?
i would kiss Rap Mon, Kennie, and Zico
Oh My Nam Joon!!! I didn't need this after listening to the album today.... @ashleyemmert 馃槯馃槯馃槯馃槯 I'm under my rock.
Key has gorgeous lips
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