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How do you Change a Country?

I wanted to make a new collection exploring the world as it is today-uncut and unedited. Linked is a This American Life segment about how hard it can be to fix things. A government officer in Honduras wanted to make things better, and he had a great idea. What if we just start over? What if we can finally start to get things right-in one part of the country? So the government got together with economist Paul Romer to try and make it happen. Anyone interested in development should give it a listen, a lot of the problems they face in Honduras are mirrored in any developing country trying to improve.
wow, great article thanks for sharing!
hmmm yeah i think the plan was more like a special administrative region than a sez, like hong kong...this article is also an interesting read:
@leecatlee are you talking about something similar to extraterritoriality---like how china has special economic zones. I think this idea is kind of like an expanded SEZ.
paul romer is the man. endogenous growth theory ftw but it sucks that the plan fell through before anything started happening. although i've never really been too keen on the whole foreign sovereignty aspect of it..
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What Do The Protests in Seoul Look Like Now?
This past Friday the Korean Constitutional Court (think of it as the US Supreme Court) ruled unanimously that Park Geun Hye should be officially impeached. Since most of the country wanted this (at her lowest I think she has a 10% approval rating) there were massive celebrations in the streets. There were musicians, free food stalls, and fireworks. Now of course there are plenty of (mostly elderly) people rioting and claiming that this is the end of democracy (when really its just an example of democracy working...) but they are in contained areas surrounded by police. As far as I know 2 people died and many more are injured but its been due to violence by the pro-Park side (for example, the rioters were trying to flip over a police bus and knocked over a speaker which fell and killed an elderly man who was part of the riot...) I walked through the celebration area the day after the announcement if you'd like to take a look and hear the sounds. Skip to 4:20 unless you want to see my friends new cafe opening party haha :) If you could all do me a really big favor: Please give this video a thumbs up on YouTube here. People have been leaving incredibly nasty comments targeting myself and my family (I have deleted and blocked most of them) and this video now has some of the most down-votes I've ever had on a video :/ That would really mean a lot! Thank you ㅠㅠ Korea now has to vote for a new president so that will be starting as we speak :)