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Impatience [Hoseok/JHope]

Genre: Fluff
Members: Hoseok x Reader; Minor mention of other members
Part: 1/1 Oneshot
The room was a comfortable warm; where you could sleep peacefully with or without a blanket. A clock chimed faintly outside of the bedroom, the dog barking once before falling silent. Everything was quiet and everything was peaceful.
It started with his wriggling toes drifting up your leg. The warm sheets rustling as he searched for your body, foot knocking into yours as he slid it up. His clammy skin skipped over your leg, toes lightly pressing into you. You flinched instinctively, body curling up as tightly as possible. You wanted to sleep, not play along with whatever Hoseok was trying to start.
He had woken you up earlier than necessary everyday for the past week for seemingly nothing. One day he wanted to watch the sun rise, which was fine by you. The next day he wanted to go for a run; it was mildly acceptable. The day after that he woke up before the sun was even up, dragging you out of bed just to sit on the couch and watch the early morning news.
He said that he was used to getting up so early for schedules and now that he had a week’s vacation and he didn’t actually have to wake up early he still so did naturally. That had tempered you considerably, and it made him happy to see that you had gotten up with less complaining when he’d start to run his feet over yours legs to wake you each morning. Even so, you had pleaded and pleaded until Hoseok agreed not to wake you up early at least one day of his vacation.
Today was his last day until he headed off to work, so you had gone to bed completely expecting to sleep in a little later than every other day this week. However, once the sun was starting to peek over the buildings of the city, Hoseok’s eyes slid open.
Honestly, he tried. He tried to go back to sleep, but ending up scaring himself awake every five minutes thinking he was sleeping in late for some schedule until he saw you snoozing beside him. Next he softly hummed, hoping that time would pass quickly. Every glance to the clock was met with a frown. It was only 5 am; you’d be upset if he woke you now. As a last resort he scrolled through his phone, reading the latest tweets to see what the guys were up to, then texting them personally to find out more about what they were doing.
Ten minutes passed and Hoseok wondered if they had quickly adapted to sleeping in like he had failed to do, but soon Jin was replying, saying that he too had gotten up early on instinct. He was walking his dog to pass the time until the rest of his family had awoken. Hoseok complained through his texts how badly he wanted you to wake up and spend time with him, and how he regretted promising to let you sleep in. Jin had only laughed, wishing Hoseok luck in keeping his promise. His parents had apparently gotten up and he was going to head back home. Hoseok wished his hyung well and set his phone back onto the nightstand.
The clock had read 5:56am when Hoseok started to wake you by brushing his foot against you. You had slept in enough, he had decided. It was time for you to wake up and spend time with him before he went back to work. You had shifted away from him, rolling onto your side and curling into a ball. Behind you, Hoseok chuckled, quickly shifting closer to you to curve his body against yours. He draped his arm over your side and pressed his forehead into the back your neck, your hair scratching at his nose. Sunlight peeked between the blinds shining over the doors of the closet. Hoseok sighed happily, in about an hour’s time the sunlight would shine directly on your side of the bed and you’d have no way of falling back to sleep.
That is, if he didn’t wake you up first.
You groaned softly at the sudden whine from Hoseok. He hummed, the noise sounding more like high pitched squeak. “Hoseok, it’s too early for aegyo.” You mumbled. His whine was cut short as he laughed, leaning more of his weight into your back. You weren’t waking up fast enough for him. It was already 6 am, you had slept plenty.
“It’s never too early for my aegyo.” He insisted seriously. He wiggled his arm against your side, trying to jostle you awake and resumed his whining. “Wake up~” You pushed his arm away, holding it back against his own side as you tried to lull yourself back to sleep. It was too early for him to be clinging so tightly to you. His leg suddenly bucked against your rear and you squeaked, quickly sitting up to stare at him in disbelief.
He smiled, loosening his arm from your grip to flash you a quick peace sign and wink. “You’re up! Now, come here.” Propping himself on his elbow, he tugged you back down, grinning at you. You watched as Hoseok drew up the blankets, tucking them over the both of you. He patted at them repeatedly, murmuring that he was trying to make them as cuddly as possible. You yawned, hand reaching up to cover your mouth. Once he was satisfied he settled back down, tucking one of his legs between yours and resting his head against yours. You smiled softly, working your arm around him to press yourself closer.
“Is this why you wanted me to wake up?”
Hoseok nodded, kissing your temple. He felt your fingers knot into his shirt and your lips press a soft kiss on his collar bone. This is why he wanted you up early. “Good morning, Jagi.”
“Morning Hobi.”

if I get enough likes and comments on this card ill post a sexy fanfic :3
Awww this was adorable I love it 😍😘😘💕👍🏻
Awww this was too cute
can you do another cute one pleaseeeee
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