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Genre: Seduction?? INCUBUS AU
Part: 1/1 Oneshot
Summary: As long as you didn’t wake up, everything was fine.
His hand, pressed flatly atop your chest, applied more pressure, holding you down on the mattress. The added weight, constricted your breathing and you had to force yourself to calm down and take slow, deliberate breaths to avoid discomfort. You couldn’t move to begin with, only shiver at his touches, but he didn’t seem to mind. The sheets rustled as he intertwined his legs with yours, controlled breaths panting across the dampened skin of your collarbones.
A fan rumbled softly in the corner of the room, cool breeze bringing goosebumps to your exposed flesh as he shifted his leg up, sheets knotted between the two of you. He leaned closer to you, mouth resting against your ear as he sighed deeply, a grin coming to his lips at the soft intake of breath from you.
He was warm, you noted, and you were cold.
Very cold.
While feeling cold usually made you more alert, the warmth of his body was overwhelming. A hazy feeling weighed down your limbs and slowed your train of thought. The only thing you could fully grasp and understand was that what he was doing felt good.
And as long as he kept you warm, you didn’t want him to stop.
Where he touched heated up instantly only to feel even colder when he shifted away. You wanted to curl up to him, but your inability to move made you helpless. The only thing you could do was lay there and savor the feeling of numbing heat whereever he decided to rest his weight to warm your chilled skin.
You shivered, fingers weakly twitching at your sides, unable to move any more than that. The hand on your chest loosened its pressure, but still rested lightly on your clammy skin. Quietly, he reveled in how his hand rose and fell with your chest as you took in a sharp breath and released it. All too soon he was putting the pressure back, grinning at how your brows furrow minutely.
Firm muscle rubbed across tender flesh, his thigh delicately rubbing against yours. There was a persistence to his movement that had you relaxing until you felt like you were going to drift back to sleep. Your gaze slipped from his sharp jaw, drifting past his neck and tense biceps and the veins running down his forearms. Eyes slipping shut, the warmth of his body was more than enough to let you sleep comfortably.
He grinned, sliding his body atop yours and watching in amusement as your eyes snapped opened at the sudden shock of cold pressed into your thigh. Hands digging down on either side of your head, he lowered his own head to press a flat kiss at the base of your neck. His lips were hot, teeth dragging across the thin flesh. Soft hair tickled under your chin, the bones of his jaw rubbing against your collar bones as he tilted his head up to bury it into your neck.
You could feel his slow heartbeat, the soft prickling of his ribs prodding at your own as he breathed against you and the firm weight of his shoulders as he practically enveloped you. His feet pressed into the mattress, helping him stay anchored as well as moving to get a better angle on you.
Toes curling, he unexpectedly jerked up, hips nestling between your thighs, that ice cold hardness startling you once again. You wriggled uncomfortably underneath him, wishing that you could move him from between you. You thought his apparent arousal would be burning hot, but was actually ice cold. There was a nagging feeling in the back of your mind as he continually rubbed against you, the cold feeling of him making you shiver and clearing your hazy mind.
Something was wrong.
You opened your mouth, completely surprised that you were able to. Had it been that way this entire time? He felt your jaw slackened, a soft noise sounding from deep in your throat.
You were going to speak. He had been too hasty.
You were going to speak and you were going to realize the truth and you were going to wake up.
And he wouldn’t be able to finish.
He quickly raised his hips from yours, settling his thigh it its place. You relaxed at the firm warmth, that ever present hazy feeling- that had cleared momentarily at the icy shock- returning full force. Trailing his lips up your jaw, he settled them over your mouth; distracting you from any other thoughts. Heated breath fanned over your chin when he switched positions, tongue roughly pressing against your own. You could feel his fingers against your scalp, subtly nudging your head in which direction to move.
Sliding his mouth from yours, he sedately pressed biting kisses down your neck all the way back to your collarbone. Tentatively, his weight was lowered back onto you; hips settling into place. You flinched at the disturbingly cold hardness there, mouth dropping as incoherent words tumbled from your lips.
That feeling wasn’t right.
It wasn’t natural.
Something was indeed wrong.
He pressed his hand back on your chest, apply gradual pressure until your only focus became breathing comfortably and whatever you had been trying to say was forgotten. A hot kiss was placed on your chest, the heat of his hands and mouth overshadowing the frigidness of his arousal.
Everything was hazy once more.
❣ detail!!!! ❣
Wow I was like, deep into that, like I forgot where I was when I finished reading and looked around completely confused...
wow! I'm like what happen next? that was so good. ☺