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so this week has been an up-and-down battle. our boys have been working really hard for this HYYH trilogy and they have been very successful because of us ARMYs helping them through everything that they have done in the past year. However it breaks my heart that this whole entire week as well as they have been very successful with almost 11 million views on their FIRE music video and the sells charts along with being number 1 on a lot of music charts. They have been in the news because of clothes supposably they were wearing fake Gucci. now their songs are being banned from a lot of music shows because supposedly they are wrong. Along with supposably from what I've read and I'll post a picture down below that a group of fans from others are going to be tweeting things that are going to be harsh to our boys.
I know it's a waste just to put up a fight with fans like these because number one I think they're just jealous on how successful these boys have been in the past year and it's really really sad to know that they have to go through and call them plagiarism boys. Like seriously these boys have worked so hard just to get to where they are today.
. I'm sure a lot of you guys have seen that's going around but I think it's really sad on house six of the songs within the album are being banned because of naming Brands and some words that are fit for Broadcasting. I understand and also those are two completely different over there so I don't completely know why. However it is really sad that some groups who has done this by using some words that are deemed unfit along with some dancing that is also deemed unfit can go on stage and be broadcast with it. However our boys are not allowed to perform their songs that are so good within the album. Kpop was one of the main reasons why I am able to listen to it today. It is so clean mist the time to the point where when I listen to American Music it sounds foreign to me because to me it is deemed unfit for any type of Broadcasting. however I do understand that there are some groups over there and within Kpop that are deemed unfit however they do change it up to where they can still broadcast it.
I understand is why you might get angered by this post either because of some things I have said or that you were also irritated with what has been going on this past week. Again I am just expressing what I am feeling along with standing up for my boys. so I hope that their concert today and on Sunday are excellent days for all the fans. I have noticed how much the boys are excited and how they have missed the fans a lot. I just hope that fans from other groups don't start causing issues. What they don't know is that a lot of idols get hurt because of this and it makes them feel like they're that not able to express on who they are along. Again I apologize if you guys get angered by this I am just expressing my opinion and what I am feeling. to show our support #방탄소년단사랑해
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The songs being unfit for broadcast won't affect them, as they aren't the songs they are using for their comeback. They aren't the only group to have songs be 'banned'. The regulations are tight....and some groups have been fined over what they've done on broadcast.