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Taehyung is just a buddle of joy and sunshine. I know I have said this for Hobi and Jimin, but Taehyung and his smile make my day. There is just something about him that I can't help but have a goofy smile when I see him. Plus with him being part of the sunshine group it's not hard to fall for each one with what they show us.
I think what drew me to Taehyung was how weird he was. His 4D personality going in all directions that are unpredictable. One minute he is imitating the members to being a giggle monster that is not able to stop laughing (Watch Just One Day dance practice) He is the only idol that I love with his 4D personality. Plus its doesn't help that when he gets into it Hobi and Jimin join in. When that happens I'm in a fit of giggles that so many people look at me all weird like.
Now besides his 4D personality I love how he is with kids. There are so many that are like Taehyung who are so good with kids. It melts my heart when I see him with kids. I know that deep down he is going to want a lot of kids and that he will be a great dad. Plus he will make them laugh and love him just as much as he loves them.
Taehyung I know isn't that only with a deep voice within BTS but there are three songs that i admire along with fall for him with his deep voice. I also fall for those idols with deep voices. I don't know what it is, but when I hear a deep voice they get some brownie points. Let Me Know kills me when he starts the song. It's as if you can feel how deep his voice can get when he is singing. Hold Me Tight is his song that he wrote and it is one of my favorites. His voice isn't as deep but you can feel the emotion from his voice. Last but not least is Dead Leaves. The part when he sings before Hobi does his part aigoo so many feels right there that are hard to explain on what the feels are.
Just like Jimin I admire Taehyung's friendship with Jimin. They are just so close as if they were blood relate. Either way to me they are the twins within the group. They're always doing something together that just bring smiles to everyone. I have watched so many videos of Vmin and i cry every time for how close they are.
This is my favorite picture of him. There are so many that I love but this one is my favorite. Reason is that when the boys were promoting Boys In Luv I just loved how Taehyung looked with orange hair. Now I know that he has changed his hair color multiple times but this one was my favorite. So Taehyung my wish for you this year to have a successful drama this year along with giving us your smile that can brighten anyone day.