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Okay... I'm going to talk about a very serious topic...
I've been wanting to talk about this on here for a while, but I wasn't able to until now.

But anyways! I'm not sure if you have been watching 'Hip Hop Nation' where Jooheon appears paired up with Kim Young-ok.

Well in one of the previous episodes this happened...

**WARNING! Prepare yourself with Kleenex/tissues!

So, they ended up performing in one of the recent episodes the song that they were rehearsing and here it is!

(click the arrow or wipe to see the next GIFs below~)

.... T.T

Here is the video!

Kim Young-ok & Jooheon Featuring Kihyun's Angelic Voice

(You can really feel his emotions/feelings through his parts in the song T.T)

I already like Jooheon a lot (I like all the members) but this made me want to support him and show him love even more!

This made me tear up so much because it's something that I could relate with... not with my grandmother, but with my grandfather after he wasn't able to defeat cancer when I was little and ignorant...
Let me know how you felt down below in the comments & guys always remember that I'm always here to listen if you guys need to talk! My message inbox is always open! *MONBEBE HUG*
(GIF credit to the amazing changkkyung!)
@EwSeungkwan they touch my heart so much. I really wanna give them the world and all the love I have
This is exactly why my heart is his first and foremost. He is so family oriented and EVEN during No.Mercy, I fell for him and Gunhee hard. Gunhee had lost his father just months before the competition and I think maybe that's why Jooheon and he clicked and were so close. I just. Boys who love their moms / grandmas / family in general have my heart. I am so in love with this boy it's crazy. He deserves nothing but the best things and I hope he falls asleep every night knowing she's very proud of him and that he has shown her just how amazing her grandson can be. He's such a lovely man. He will only get better from here.
omg, I can't watch this; I'm gonna cry like nobody's business. 😣
I instantly thought of my great grandma with this. this was so beautiful, imma have to download it or something. might be kinda hard not to cry every time it plays though. so touching, they did amazing
Im crying so much right now 😭😭 I wish i could give Jooheon a hug
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