guys, come on. this has gotten out of hand!! we need to put a stop to this before it goes too far. i will not stand for this!! A.R.M.Y RISE!! #반탄소년단사랑해 ❤✨
It is trending at #14 on Twitter but there are even more BTS support hashtags trending at spots #1 #2 #4 #5 #10 #13.
to me I think it's mental things and concepts are going to resemble someone from something from somewhere in the music industry why can't people take it as flattery rather then anger. I'll never understand it
@Sungiekitten I dont think its trending anymore, I dont see anything in Korea or Worldwide
Is it trending o.o
@LunaCordero I think it was shinee. I guess they had a "VERY SIMILAR " concept ,with the air balloon and old van and gathering around fire. People accused Seventeen of doing the same. I forgot what article I read it on.
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