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Between the steady beat of his heart and the gentle smoothing of his hands you fall asleep. When you open your eyes the sun is shining overhead. Still half asleep you snuggle further into the warm body beside you. You hear a rumble in reply and feel a kiss land on the top of your head. You’re more awake now; you know that lovely smell, [HN]. You tense up trying to remember how you ended up back out on the balcony, let alone asleep in his arms. He begins to rub your arms,
“Relax, nothing happened. Well, between us that is. Do you remember your phone call?”
Chad. The lying, cheating, two-timing scum bag that you used to call a boyfriend. Damn, why’d he have to remind you of him?
He tilts your face up to his and grins,
“I assume by that scowl that you do. Are you hungry? We should probably go in before Lee wakes up.”
You quickly glance back at the balcony doors but can only see Lee’s legs, she hasn’t moved. You nod and try to awkwardly remove your limbs from his.
“Thank you. For last night, not telling me how stupid I am but just being here, it helped.”
He simply nods as he stands up with the blankets.
“Certain situations are bad enough without outside opinions. You haven’t asked for mine but I would like to give it.”
You close your eyes, not sure what this stranger, yet not really a stranger, is going to say. He reaches over, brushes your hair behind your ear and turns your face to his.
“In the short time I’ve known you; I can understand him not wanting to let you go. However, I feel he’s a fool, you’re enough for any smart man.”
With that he walks past you and steps inside to put the blankets away.
How do you react to a statement like that? A simple, thank you doesn’t seem enough, yet you don’t want to make a big deal out of it either. While you are now single and available, this gorgeous, gracious man is not. Better to just leave it as the statement it was, no matter how sweet, and now ignore that it was said.
You walk back into the house and walk over to wake Lee up.
The three of you work together and have a simple breakfast ready in no time. In the middle of your meal, his phone goes off. Glancing down at the screen he gets up and excuses himself,
“I need to take this, excuse me a minute.”
You can hear only bits of his conversation as he walks off; you only know a few words of Korean. You can make out ‘good morning’, you and Lee’s name, and ‘last night’. You hope it isn't an awkward conversation with his girlfriend. You and Lee finish your meals before he returns; the two of you are doing dishes as he returns.
“I’m sorry, that took longer than expected. You didn’t need to do that, please just leave them.”
You wave him to his seat, “Sit and finish.”
You bring his dishes back from the microwave where you reheated them for him. Before you head back over to the sink and out of Lee’s hearing you comment.
“I hope Lee and I being here didn’t cause a problem for you with your girlfriend. Technically, you can’t even honestly tell her we didn’t sleep together, because we did.”
He smiles and grabs your hand before you can wander away. Standing up next to you he takes your face in his hands.
“There is no problem, and there will not be a problem. I am a trustworthy man and last night you were a friend in need. We all have those times in our lives, I am glad I was able to be there for you.”
You nod and walk back over to help finish the dishes. As you’re gathering items to leave you can’t find your phone anywhere. [HN] simply walks out onto the balcony, picks it up from the table and brings it over to you. Lee looks over confused,
“How did it get out there? I swear you had it with you while we were watching the movie.”
“You also promised you wouldn’t fall asleep. I’m not so sure I trust you anymore my faulty friend.” You joke as you poke her in the ribs.
“Pfft, it isn’t my fault you picked a boring movie. Pick a better one next time!”
As she walks past you, you and [HN] glance at each other with similar confused looks. You finally shrug your shoulders and follow her to the front door. You turn at the door to thank him again for everything above and beyond dinner but he grabs his keys and walks past you. After about five steps he turns to the two of you,
“Aren’t you coming? It makes no sense for me to drive myself to your hotel.”
“Oh no, we are perfectly capable of catching a cab, really. You’ve done too much already,” you try to argue.
He walks over and stands in front of you with hands in his pockets,
“When will you learn not to fight me? I take care of my friends, now,” he walks behind you and Lee, pushing you both forward, “move”.
He's the sweetest guy ever😊 To good to be true....the kind that are few and far between to find.
ahh i really like this guy. But i dont want to ruin a relationship he already has. it wouldn't make me any better than chad. what do i do....aish
tag me plz
Love this guy so much! He really is the sweetest, most adorable man ever!
Tag me, please?
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