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So I just finished "season 8" (that's how they separate it on Crunchyroll) and now am on season 9... The ending of season 8 was Ichigo defeating Grimjoww and then season 9 started with introducing the new captain of Squad 3 in Soul Society.... then next episode, BOOM! Back in the world of the living and everyone is fine and dandy. I thought Rukia and Sado were on the verge of death? And Ishida and Renji were running away from a psycho Espada.. Now they are all fighting hollows in the world of the living like its no big deal... How did they get away with rescuing Inouhe? And bypassing Aizen completely ?? It's not that I really want answers cuz I do not want anything spoiled but still, I'm confused as shit..,, 馃槱馃槓
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*Gasp* R u kidding? omg thats awesome so then there's more in the manga
Manga is like close to 700 chapters @DestinyAgnew
DAAAMN! really, omg i need to stat reading before it gets an higher lol @reymundo90
@DestinyAgnew binge reading is the way to go but then it goes by fast
@reymundo90 lol yea