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I had finally been discharged from the hospital. Jin knew I didn't want to go back to my house and even if I did he wasn't gonna let me go. We went to my place together when I knew HE wouldn't be home and grabbed my things. As much as I coukd fit in the car. I didn't have as much as I thought but that was ok. Jin was going to let me live with him. He was very happy to have me there. My bruises were still there, to me it looked like they were getting worse before they went away. Cover up was my best friend. I felt like me being around Jin with my bruises would look like he was the cause so I had to hide them. "Stop trying to cover them up your starting to look like a clown." He put his arms around me. "But I don't want people to think bad about you." "let them....I know they weren't my work....I'd never hurt you like he did." He rested his head on my shoulder. "Thanks for being such a great friend. I feel really safe with you." "Good." He let go and grabbed my make up bag. "Hey!" "No more make up...if you add anymore people will be scared of you." He laughed and walked out of the room. I guess I can put my hair down more and hide it better. I straightened it and then went out to the living room. Everyone stopped by after I had moved in with Jin has only been a few days but it's really nice to have my friends around. "Hey let's go out" Suga said to everyone but he was looking at me. "Sure" I hadn't actual gone out since I got to Jin's because I was scared I'd run into HIM and I didn't want to deal with that. "Really?" Jimin said "Yea." I looked down and fiddled with my fingers. "Don't push yourself to go out if your not ready (y/n)" this time is was Kookie who said something. "I'm fine really....I need to continue on with my life right?" "Right and plus you'll have all of us." Namjoon said "Alright so where are we going?" V said "Let's go to the water park!" Hobi said "Haha yea I have been waiting all year for this!" V and Kookie said jumping up and down. "Alright sounds fun." "Alright let's meet back up here in 30 mins ok" Jin said and every said ok and ran out of the apartment. "These boys." I said laughing and heading to my clothes. I was digging through my things and didn't realize Jin had followed me. "Hey are you sure the water park is a good choice?" I turned to look at him. "Yeah why?" "Well....your bruises will be exposed." "Oh yeah." I totally forgot about them...that's how it was with these guys I could easily forget. "Should we change the plans?" Jin was concerned. "No its fine....I have to try to be ok with it....but...." "Don't worry about what others will think ok...All you need to know is that your safe with us and No one is gonna hurt you in any way." "Thanks Jin" He walked over and gave me a hug and kissed the top of my head, sending butterflies through my stomach again. "No problem are you gonna take the make up off now?" "I guess I should" with that I went to the bathroom and washed my face and put my swimsuit on. After the 30 mins we were all ready I had a big pair of sunglasses that hid most of my bruise on my face so it wasn't horrible. We decided to walk because of how nice it was. We spent most the day at the water park and had a great time. Finally it was time to leave and we started walking home. "I seriously loved it...expecially when you shoved Jimin and Jungkook into the water and they got there revenge."I said to Tae and I started laughing remembering it. "Yea that was pretty awesome to watch." Suga said "Oh and Jin...when you were swimming and keeping your head above the water was so freaking cute." "Ha yea I couldn't get my hair wet." "Yea well that didn't last long." Jimin said lightly pushing Jin. "Namjoon you were smart though you saw what happened to Suga and quickly hopped in the water so they couldn't do it to you....but by sugas face he enjoyed it." I laughed again. "Yea it sucks that you just kept running away from us." kookie said putting an arm around me. "I didn't want to get thrown in...I have my own way of getting in." I laughed "I'm gonna push you in next time" Jimin said as he poked my side. "Yah!" I said smacking his hand away. "I'm glad your smiling and happy" Hoseok said from behind me. "Today was a great day. Thanks guys." "(y/n)!" I flinched I knew that voice. I stopped and looked up. Within a second I was surrounded by the guys. "What the hell do you want?" Jin said and I grabbed onto the back of his shirt. I didn't want a fight breaking out. "(y/n) I see you have already got your fuck buddies huh wow 7 men?" "Brad you best be moving on." Suga said stepping up to him. I quickly grabbed the back of his shirt to stop him. He glanced back at me. "Nah she is mine after all" "No she isn't she will never be yours again." Jin snapped "(y/n) I'll be seeing you soon." He started to walk away. "Wait." I said and everyone looked at me. "Wanna come home now baby?" his voice made me feel dirty. How could I have loved this man. I took a step forward. I was going to be brave at this moment. "Well..." Jin grabbed my wrist stopping me. I turned to face him. "Don't worry." I smiled and pulled my hand away. I took one more step so I was in front of him. "Well what?" "Well here's the thing. I don't love you. I thought I did but I was stupid. I did nothing wrong in our relationship it was you. You cheated several times, got jealous of my best friend, which I get it he is 100 times better than you so of course you had a reason to be jealous. Then you went to actually physically hurting me. I won't let you hurt me again and neither will the guys behind me. If I have to I'll get a restraining order against you." He just started laughing. "You think you can get rid of me to fuck that gay boy? He is pathe..." He didn't have time to finish I slapped him across the face. "Don't you ever talk about Jin that way you piece of shit!" No way was I gonna let him get away with that. "Wrong move." He laughed and pulled his hand back. He was going to hit me. I didn't move I just stared at him. He ended up on the ground and Jin standing over him one punch was all it took to make blood gush. Jin started beating him up. I snapped out of my daze and quickly put my arms around Jin's waist. He stopped right away. "I swear to God if you ever come near her again I'll kill you." Jin was way stronger than anyone ever gave him credit for. I didn't want to think of him actually killing Brad. I pulled him back a bit. "Let's go home." I said into his back. "Ok" He took my hands from him and held them and we all left Brad on the ground. We all walked in silence for a few minutes. Finally suga spoke up. "I am so proud of you." He patted my shoulder. "Thanks" "I will say I was not expecting you to be ready to confront him....or you hitting him." He continued "Yea neither was I....but no one can bad mouth Jin and get away with it." I was about to break....but I needed to look strong. Once we got back to Jin's everyone left and once they were all gone I slid to the ground and started crying. I had my knees to my face and my arms hugging them closer and was crying into them, I was even shaking. I'm really surprised on how I handled the situation. "Hey (y/n) what do you wa...." Jin stopped what he was saying but I didn't move from my spot. I did feel him put his arm on me and he pulled me so I was crying on his shoulder. "I'm sorry" "Don't be you did something you probably weren't ready for." "I was so scared....but I know one thing when he started talking shit about you....I forgot I was scared because no one is allowed to bad mouth you to my face." "Well thanks." He smiled rubbing my arm. "Just know that I will protect you from him....and anyone else who ever tries to harm you." "Thank you." I wanted to be closer to him so I nuzzled my face more into his chest which made Jin have to move to make it easier for him to hold me. We stayed like that awhile until I had calmed down and then he finally spoke. "Ok we need let's go eat something." He said getting up and grabbing my hand and taking me into the kitchen.
So what do you think? I realized that I hadn't posted in this story for's going to get intense with the feels soon.... I hope you guys enjoyed it....let me know what you think.
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Go Jin Go Jin! :))))
wow! love it.
could you please tag me for the next chapters please and thank you
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