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I'm not a big fan of fairy tail but oh well lol XD NATSU won the fight i added up the votes for each characters YOU guys voted for hahah I wasn't really going to decide by votes but then I decided what the heck let me just add up and see who got the most votes lol so I did and these are the results..............
SO here are the points for each of them and the reason I also gave it to natsu was because alot of the natsu fans giving facts about him so that gives more reason than just saying "because he's natsu or because he's naruto" and I didn't see that much facts for luffy and naruto only a few lol so sorry guys but natsu takes this fight! BUT IN MY OPINION IN MY EYES I SEE LUFFY WINNING THIS @LeonardGrahamJr @Tomoki @NickMcCormick @JayKumor @Jax97 @Winx9119 @Soulstice @Thomasamolina @ChrisCopeland @jjbosy @jjbosy @LuffyNewman @neetyro007 @earthly @RogerNunez @BrandonParantea @DereckTorres @MelissaWonders @kareemalzindani @rexamisprime @EstefanOlivares @JosephCannon @BrittanyBocaneg @Lalaichan14 @AngelofFire12 @koifries @AngelofFire12 @WinterWolf027 @WinterWolf027 @DamianWalker @SSJAKUMA5 @amobigbang @aaronred888 @SSJAKUMA5 @JordanSwihart @JordanSwihart @DenisseSanchez @Tomoki @Tomoki @IsraelCruz @ChangoLeon @JimTurpen @InVinsybll @AngelMartinez1 @soulfeast83
@SkyRed63 Luffy has oneshot giants and man handled a dragon before the start of the Punk Hazard saga! God slayer magic is pure speculation, that's the name of the magic, no god has even yet to appear in Fairy Tail nor has any character proven to be on par with Kaguya.
I wouldn't say that. Luffy had trouble fighting huge beasts on a island, Natsu fights things much, much bigger... plus Natsu has beaten multiple GOD slayers. Mages that kill gods.
Natsu eats fire to heal, therefore Naruto's best asset, the nine tails, is out of play because it's just gonna benefit natsu. Luffy is at a disadvantage to natsu because Natsu is basically a ball of fire. Natsu has also been able to make a ball of fire able to melt a mountain, and then walk away smiling to see his girl lucy. Even if Luffy is resistant to fire, natsu can make more then enough to melt him. naruto has other styles of fighting like sharp weapons other jutsu and his own Chakra, but again, naruto, while toughened up as a ninja, is human. he can die from a stab. although natsu can too, it's even said he has hands, lung, and the toughness of a dragon. You'd have to stab pretty hard to get him. he's resistant against physical and special attacks, can heal from eating the fire of destruction around them, and holds a advantage over both.
@SkyRed63 The Nine Tails is considered fire he's never once used fire at all and Naruto's kyuubi mode is pure chakra that has no fire involved. Luffy has fought the melt melt fruit that's melted an entire island pure of ice while, Luffy was fist fighting him. Naruto has defeated a god and speed blitzed her, he even possesses a jutsu that breaks down the molecules inside someone's body (the Truth Seeking Orb) and Luffy is far more skilled, faster, and way more powerful than Natsu his fourth gear would tear him apart, either one of them could solo Natsu!
Is luffy being elastic vulnerable to fire? and is the nine tailed fox spirits Chakra fire or wind like naruto? These questions answered would tell you who would win lol. idk much about naruto or luffy. that's why I don't answer XD
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