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holding up traffic at 3 a.m.
while feeding tangerines to giraffes is the best cure
When stories of a headless horseman started making front page headlines, everyone
latched their
doors at night.
But at 02:53 we found happiness in a broken Dream
Picking up the pieces
of frozen flowers falling from
September skies,
and we held them to the Sun, and they melted into forever;
And we sang I need you so
I love you so,
i need you so, i love you so;
kiss me, She said, kiss me
so I kissed my true love twice.
Her lips, they taste like magic strawberries. and they tell ghost stories of two hearts Hiding in a million stars....
There's tension in truth
when feelings are unsure.
but the wind, it blew so fast; so we found a Little town in the clouds to settle down
Kiss me in a bed of blue roses
she said
Kiss me like Tracy and Hepburn in the purple atmosphere;
But the true nature of love
leaves skidmarks on the heart.
hold tight, She said, hold tight
With delicious kisses, soft and warm
Our bodies pressed into each other, breathless.
tell me you love me
in that small town in the clouds
She said;
and I did....
and I did
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