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OMG BTS IS THE BEST, ARMY IS GREAT, I'M CRYING NOW I'M SO PROUD OF THEM I LOVE YOU 방탄소년단! You don't even realize how much of a gift from heaven you have been for so many people, including me. You help all ARMYs. When we are down, you are there. When we are happy, you make up even happier. Thank you for all you do!
I started screaming and crying, WHY BANGTAN WHY😭😭😭
Omg yes I know they are crying tears of joy but still it makes me cry too...and when Yoongi bowed and cried....I just.....I knew he was gonna cry but I still can't stop crying when I see him or any of them crying
OMGGGVG SUGA AND V WERE CRYING!!! It made me cry and now JIMIN HAS NEW ABS???!!!!