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For this one, I think I'm gonna go with Yukine from Noragami. If you know anything about me with respect to Yukine, you know I'm obsessed with his character development! I could dote on this boy forever!
Yukine was introduced, I believe, in the second episode when Yato was regalia-less and faced with a phantom. He spotted a young spirit floating among the snow. After granting him the name Yukine, the spirit transformed into a sword, a sort of naked blade. As Yato defeated the phantom, we saw flashes of what appear to be Yukine's life before he died, and once he was finished, Yato lay on the ground, crying for a brief moment, murmuring "so sad." It is never explicitly said what this was, but I think that Yato, upon naming Yukine, experienced his life and feelings and how he died, taking on that burden for him, as regalia do not remember their lives. This is alluded to later when he mentions that Yukine has daddy issues of his own.
At first, Yukine was a bit of a brat. A rebellious teenager, he didn't respect Yato's authority (understandably), and resented him, and he had difficulty coping with his situation. He grew more and more angry, leading up to his first big turning point: his ablution. He learned that his actions had consequences, and that Yato suffered those consequences for him. After that he became a model regalia, giving his all on Yato's odd jobs and getting a part-time job to pay for his sins, even asking Hiyori for her old textbooks to continue his education. His relationship with Yato evolved, and they became like brothers, a perfect team!
SPOILERS IN THIS BLOCK, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! In Noragami Aragoto, he developed even further! He befriends another regalia who happens to serve Yato's mortal enemy, Bishamon. I won't try to summarize the whole thing, but one thing leads to another and Yukine sacrifices himself to protect Yato. My horrified disbelief was well warranted, for in the very next episode, once Yato got over the shock, he found that he still felt Yukine's name. He called for him to discover that he was not destroyed, but had transformed to become twin blades, a blessed vessel, the first regalia to change for him! Shortly thereafter, it was explained to Yukine that he is Yato's exemplar and what that means. This motivated him further to become the best regalia that he could be for Yato, so he approached Kazuma, Bishamon's exemplar and blessed vessel, to mentor him.
He's grown up so fast, I just love him to death! He really works super hard to be the best that he can be for Yato, and he should be proud of how far he's come. I hope Yato takes a moment every once in a while to stop and appreciate what a gem he's stumbled upon!

Honorable Mentions

You know I can't do a card like this without highlighting some of my other considerations!

Uryu Ishida (Bleach)

Of course, I adore Ichigo Kurosaki, but I also have a great appreciation for his team rivalry counterpart and character foil, Uryu! Uryu is a Quincy, so he doesn't get along very well with substitute-shinigami Ichigo by nature - at least at first. Unlike, Ichigo, who tends to rely on brute force, Uryu is more brainy and analytical. As a Quincy, he uses a bow and concentrated spirit energy to fight his opponents. His attire is usually all white with some kind of cape, as is traditional Quincy style. He excels at reishi precision control and needlework.

Shizuo Heiwajima (Durarara!!)

Need I say more? The strongest man in Ikebukuro, he hates violence, yet is the personification of violence. If you see a large flying item, such as a convenience store trashcan or a vending machine, accompanied with a cry of "IIIIIIZZZZAAAAAYYYYYAAAAAA!!!!!," then he is the culprit. He has a good relationship with Celty, the headless rider and is simply one bad ass dude!

Sai (Naruto)

When Sai was first introduced, he wasn't very likeable. A disciple of Danzou and his secret Root organization, he was assigned to Team Kakashi to keep tabs on Naruto and just seemed like a cheap replacement for Sasuke. He is very blunt and tends to rub people the wrong way. But, thanks to Naruto and his friends, he is learning and growing, and I'm kind of falling for him! His strange, robotic nature allows him to be extremely perceptive, giving him a unique perspective when observing his new friends. I nearly cried at the end of the last episode I saw with him so far, which seemed to imply that his dream is to help reunite Naruto and Sakura with Sasuke and become a true member of Team 7 with them.

Kakashi Hatake (Naruto)

Kakashi-sensei, captain of Team 7. One of Minato's disciples and son of the legendary White Fang, he became a jonin at a young age. You'll recognize him by the mask he always wears, covering his nose and mouth, and cockeyed Leaf Village headband covering his Sharingan when it's not in use. His Sharingan gives him the ability to copy another's jutsu, earning him his nickname, the Copy Ninja, but his signature move is the Chidori, concentrating his chakra into a lightning blade. He's got a running rivalry with bestie Maito Gai and a secret obsession with Jiraiya's Makeout Party book series, basically the Naruto universe's verson of 50 Shades.
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I really wanna watch Noragami now. Haven't watched it in a while
i love yukine! @UzumakiJess same!
I can't wait for season 3 of Noragami!!!
@OtakuDemon10 there's supposed to be a season 3
@gabbycalzada I need to look into whether there's any news on a season 3, cuz that absolutely needs to happen!
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