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First, here's the results from your selection from round three!

All rounds are here!

1 Giraffe: Rap Monster from BTS

2 Dog: Jackson from Got7

3 Peacock: G-Dragon from BigBang

4 Tiger: Bang Yongguk from BAP

5 Horse: Chanyeol from EXO

6 Hedgehog: Onew from SHINee

Now for your stories!

For the childhood friends: It is now senior year and you two have been dating for 6 months. You don't have any classes together this year, but that's okay because you spend lunch with him. You are very happy and content with your man. Everyone thinks you two are the cutest couple and wish they had a boyfriend as sweet as him. He takes you out on cute dates like picnics or dinner and a movie; but many times you just hang out talking or watching movies at your house. You don't fight much and trust each other completely with no secrets. That is true, until a new guy comes into the picture. You find out there is a transfer student, one you actually don't know this time, and he is coming into your class. He gets assigned to the seat next to you and it doesn't take long before you notice he watches you during class. He also forgets his book a lot, you suspect it might be on purpose so that he can sit next to you and share yours. You feel a little flattered considering he is pretty great looking. He talks to you as often as he can, and he isn't aware that you have a boyfriend since he is new and your man is not in your class. He asks for your number and you figure since he is new he must be looking for friends, so you give it to him. He starts talking even more with you. You find yourself texting him even when you are hanging out with your boyfriend, who is starting to get suspicious. One day he asks you to hangout and you agree because he has always gave you the impression that he only sees you as a friend, he's never hit on you especially since he now knows you have a boyfriend. As you are playing a video game at his place you notice he is sitting closer and continues to come closer every few minutes. He pauses the game and jokingly says, "This game isn't very fun when you beat me every single time." You respond saying, "Not my fault I'm awesome." He puts his arm around you and in a low voice whispers in your ear, "I can't deny that, but why don't we play something else?" With that he pushes you down onto the couch, pinning you down. He looks deeply into your eyes, as though he's waiting for you to show a sign of what you're thinking. At first you're stunned; you don't know what to do as it all happened so fast. You're scared and your eyes slowly begin to well-up with tears. As soon as he sees this he gets off of you in a rush. He apologizes repeatedly as you immediately stand up and leave his house. You walk home while wiping your tears. When you're home you call your boyfriend and tell him what happened. You two don't have secrets and you refuse to keep this hidden. He reprimands you, "You really should have known better. I wish you wouldn't put yourself into a situation like that. You are incredibly lucky that he didn't force himself on you. I don't know what to think right now. Bye." On the other end you hear a dial tone.
College sweethearts: You guys have been dating for almost a year. It didn't take long for you two to fall in love when you had so much in common. You never thought you would have met such a sweet, fun guy in a college class, but fate is funny like that. You go to parties and go to the bars with your group of friends. They all know you two have a strong relationship and you don't waver from each other; your love is very real. However, one night you decided to go to a party with a friend, your boyfriend had to study for a final so it's only you two. Eventually you get a little tipsy, your friend has wandered somewhere with some other friends so you are just sitting and enjoying your buzz. After about 20 minutes of looking at your phone a guy comes and sits next to you on the couch. He hands you an unopened beer while saying, "You look like you could use another drink, as well as someone to keep you company." "Thanks, my friend is off somewhere and I'm not what you would call a social butterfly so I've been a little bored." You make small talk and eventually step outside for some air. He offers you a cigarette, but you say no thanks. He lights one and as you look at his profile you can't help but find him pretty sexy looking like a bad boy. You know you shouldn't be thinking that, you tell yourself it's just the alcohol talking. As the night goes on you find yourself drinking more and by the end of the night you're not quite a mess, but you are definitely drunk. He says he will drive you home since he hadn't drank more than a beer and that was hours ago. You agree since you can't walk home from there and your friend won't answer her phone. You get in and relax in the comfy seat of his car. You lean your head on the window with your eyes closed. As you're driving along you feel something on your thigh, you look over and see it's his fingertips caressing your leg. "Your skin is really soft. What do you say you come crash at my place tonight?" You move his hand away. "No, I really aught to be getting home, if I don't my roommate will get worried." He once again places his hand on your leg. "You're a big girl; I'm sure your roommate will assume you can take care of yourself." You know you should say no, there shouldn't be any hesitation. You're wondering why you got in his car instead of calling a taxi. But God, he is really fine, and you are feeling a lot of chemistry. You hate yourself for getting into this situation, especially while being intoxicated. But you're not weak-willed. "No, I really can't. I have a boyfriend and he is waiting up for me. I'm sorry if I lead you on." He's visibly disappointed, but also a bit irritated. He pulls over onto the side of the road. "Fine bitch, call your boyfriend for a ride. Get out and walk for all I care." You get out and call your boyfriend explaining what happened. He agrees to come pick you up, but is silent the whole way home. When he drops you off he says nothing more than a goodnight and drives off.
20-somethings: You and the man you met have been seeing each other for a few months. You guys go out to quiet bars, go on day trips on the weekend, and go out to dinner when your schedules allow it. You're happy with your relationship and hope it continues to flower. You aren't quite in love yet, but you both are certainly close to the edge of falling into it. This is the first real relationship you've had. He treats you well and respects you immensely. Life at your job is the same as usual. There's a guy you've been friends with since you started working there, he pretty much made sure you knew everything you needed to know and has helped you out many times. Often times, if you don't go out for your lunch break you eat with him in the break room. One night some of your colleagues decide to go out for after work drinks and you decide to join them. Your boyfriend can't make it since he's stuck late at work, but he tells you to have fun for the both of you. When you get to the bar you order a drink and join your friend. You chat about what is going on in the recent project the company is working on, you talk about hobbies, and after a bit you excuse yourself to go to the restroom. After you walk out, you see him waiting in the empty hallway. Without warning he pushes you up against the wall and pins your hands above your head. He forces a deep kiss on you, nearly shoving his tongue down your throat. You can't get away, he's too strong and you can't move much. You begin to shed tears and he doesn't seem to care. You wonder what made him do this and what happened to that nice guy. He continues moving his free hand up and down your body while continuing to kiss you. You aren't able to call for help because you can barely get breaths in before he forces himself on you over and over again. After several painful minutes that seemed like an eternity, he lets you go. He pushes you out of his way and leans against the wall. "I love you, I've been infatuated since the moment I first saw your beautiful face. You're sweet, and funny, and I love to be around you. I-" You've had time to catch your breath and put several feet of space between you two. "Stop! I don't know where that nice guy went but apparently he didn't exist! I need you to leave me alone from now on, I will talk to you at work when absolutely necessary, but aside from that consider this friendship done." You walk away but he's following behind you. "I am that nice guy! That hasn't changed! I just couldn't hold back any longer!" You continue walking and when you leave the bar he stops following. You get in your car and go home. You call your boyfriend and tell him what happened; you want this relationship to happen, you need it and you're not going to keep something like this from him. If he found out later he'd be devastated and who knows if he'd stay with you. He listens and doesn't say anything for awhile. When he finally responds it's not what you'd like to hear. "I wish I'd have been there. You should have gone to the bathroom with a friend; girls should go in pairs even if you think no one is going to do anything. I want you to have friends at work, but I wish you hadn't become so close with that guy." He sighs. "Anyway, I'm at work still. I need to get things done on time. Bye." You hear a click before you can even respond.

Round 4!

Pick a gift to see what gift you get and how things work out! One of them does lead to a break up...so beware




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#2 Yixuan please forgive me Onew was not worth me and you breaking up! Now if it was Namjoon that be a different story but seriously Im sorry please forgive me!!
bang yongguk and #2
OMG JACKSON! πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜±πŸ˜¨πŸ˜–. OMG NOOO!! 😭😭😭 Jackson called me a bitch 😞😞😭😭 lmao 3!. Little brown box!
Jackson and #1
Onew & Present 3
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