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Chapter 3 ************* We entered a black and red room with a dim chandelier, that made the room spooky. In front of me were four guys. The dark skin was sitting in a throne like chair and the others were standing behind him. The blonde hair guy named Leo let go of me and stood with the others. There was silence in the room until the dark skin stood up from the chair and made his way to me. He reached out to caress my now bruise cheek. He eyed the bruises on my neck. "Leo you have to be more gentle with our little one, unless you want to be punish" he said as he walked around me. His face came close to mine. "My little one did  Leo hurt you really bad?" He asked me. I shook my head no. "Use your words My little one" he told me. I was shaking and my heart was beating fast as I gulped "N-n-no" "I'm sorry, what was that?" He asked me as he buried his face into my neck. I could feel his hot breathe against my skin. "No M-Master" I choked out the words. I heard him chuckle and stepped back. Once he was infront of me. I could see his smirk as he brought my face closer to his. "Your so cute, My little one" he said and pecked my lips. My body went stiff as I felt his lips on mine. "My name is Master N, I am in charge of this group. Over there is Leo, who brought you here to this room. The one with brown hair is Ken, then next to him is Ravi and HongBin is the other guy that was with you and Leo and next to him is Hyuk. We are your Masters. Any questions? "No Master N" "Good, now give me your arm" he said. He took my arm and held it so the forearm was faced up. I watched his eye glow as he traced a symbol on my arm. It felt as my skin was on fire as the symbol darken on my skin. "This is your mark it tells everyone who you belong to and if you do run away we know where to find you and there will be consequences. Do I make myself clear?" I nod "Yes Master N" he nod. "Then I'll have Ken show you to your room. And Ken tell her about her duties in this house hold is." Master N told Ken. Ken stepped up and walked past me. I followed him behind quietly as I looked around my surroundings. I saw a kitchen, bathroom and many door that led to other rooms. The walls were nothing but plain black as there were lanterns on the wall to give some light to see. Ken cleared his throat. "We aren't bad as you think we are." He told me. "This is your room. Its not much but it will be more comfortable then staying in the dungeon basement." He said as he opened the door. I walked inside and saw a queen size bed with a full length dresser, a walk in closet, a desk that was under a window, a nightstand next to the bed and a bathroom. The walls were painted a purple with black lacey wallpaper. The bed sheets were black and purple. "Do you like it?" He asked me as I nod. He flashed me a smile. "Good, now to the business. You are to do simple house chores, like cleaning, cooking, laundry. We will have  personal errands for you to do. There are some day when we are sleeping during the day and some day we are wake during the day but we are mostly sleeping. We don't really drink from humans, so you will have to go to the blood bank to get our monthly supply and go grocery shopping because we do eat regular food. If we need anything we will let you know." He explained to me. "Any questions?" He asked looking at me. "No master Ken." I said as I made sure I kept everything he said stored in my brain. "Okay, well then I must go. We eat at twelve am so be sure to have lunch ready at that time." He said and began to leave. "Oh one more thing, good luck starlight" he said as he winked at me and shut the door.
would you tag me in the list? I'm so excited about this fan fic!
@Princess2425 í αgrєє wíth єvєrчthíng чσu ѕαíd...😊
Hahaha starlight i was expecting baby from him. I feel like Hongbin and Leo are going to bully her. I love how N is so calm right now. I have a feeling he will loose his temper in one of these chapters. I look forward to reading more of this.
Awwww Ken, I'm sure they're all sweet, but Hyuk I'm cautious about because he can be a little demon when he wants to be XD
Aww he called her starlight💘🌟🌟
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