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Hello hello! Taemi here :3 **don't lie you thought about War of hormones c: ** yes? no? okay anyway I'm here to share with you some idols with odd yet cute nicknames that fans used to call them or still call them! This should be exciting okay leggo! *\^__^/*


: Kai ~ 'Nini,' 'Jongkoo,' 'the sleepiest kid at SM' Xiumin ~ 'Xiuming,' Xiu-kitty' Baekhyun ~ 'Baekyoong,' 'lil' pup,' 'Dad' (from EXO fan club's one-year anniversary during which Baekhyun allegedly said, "What can Dad do for you?")

GOT7 -

Mark ~ 'GOTinB,' short for 'GOT7-approved visual ("bisual")' in Korean Jackson ~ 'Wang Puppy'

B.A.P - Jongup

'Up Man'

NCT-U - Taeil

'Dal-tael' ('Dal' means 'moon' in English, and 'Moon' happens to be Taeil's last name)


V ~ 'TaeTae,' 'Friends-in-an-instant Kim' (referring to his easygoing persona) Suga ~ 'The Sovereign' Jung Kook ~ 'The Golden Maknae'

Block B -

B-Bomb ~ 'The Silent Nutjob' Taeil ~ 'Your Majesty' (what fans started calling him when he said that he didn't like it when the younger fans dropped their honorifics toward him)

BTOB - Sungjae

'The Handsome Psycho'

Seventeen - Hoshi

'Ten ten (referring to how his eyes slant upwards to look like the hour and minute hands at 10:10),' 'Head Honcho'

IKON - Bobby

'gimbap' (his surname 'Kim' and 'Bob' from Bobby combined)

WINNER - Lee Seunghoon

'Hip hop baby cub'

Infinite -

Sunggyu ~ 'Woollim's Princess' 'Hamster' 'Grandpa' 'Mole Gyu' Woohyun ~ 'Namu' (from his surname 'Nam' and the first character in his given name 'Woo' which sounds like 'Namu,' or 'tree' in English, when pronounced) 'Affection Nam' .


(Creds to Allkpop) *Kpopint does not own any of these photos. Creds to the rightful owners.

Well what are your thoughts? Is there any other idols with cute or odd nicknames that you know? c:

P.s Yoongi is bae c: ♡♡♡

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10;10 at his best..💙
You forgot markiepooh for mark 😂
Xiumin and Sunggyu's pictures killed me. More so Xiumin, but still 😂
and jimin chim chim lols ❤❤😍😍👌👌
Leo recently required the nickname hampster because of Ravi 😂😂