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I got the idea for this when I was watching the tenth movie of One Piece - Strong World, the scene where they enter that room, all dressed in suits, just made me wanna recreate that situation :D This picture is so old, I think i drew this like 4-5 years ago... X_x ah well, i still kinda like it, so I decided to upload it here. You guys like it :3? Feedback is much appreciated :D Medium: Copic Marker
yeah, but my newest stuff is still like almost 2 years old :D Stay tuned, I will post them into my own works collection :3
I just realized, this was 4 to 5 years ago? Do you have newer works? Will you be posting them?
@saravy thank you so much for your cute comment <3 <3 you can't believe how happy you made me <3 :D Thank you again <3
These are yours! Oh wow. I loved Strong World! Chopper is so cute here. I really like what you've done. Luffy looks really calm and collected, while Zoro and Sanji have is back. Usopp looks somber. That's new.^^