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This is also a credit card sized picture :) I drew it for a trading event, where about 40 people participated. The theme was Shoujo Manga and I just had to draw a Sailor Moon card with the Pairing Chibimoon and Pegasus, being inspired by an AMV to the song "watashitachi ni naritakute", a japanese Sailor Moon ending. I really loved it when I was a child so i felt like paying hommage to that childhood memory :') This card is about 2 years old. Medium: Copic Marker Visit me at https://www.facebook.com/PiuPiuThePENGUIN?ref=hl http://piupiuthepenguin.deviantart.com/ http://piupiuthepenguin.tumblr.com/
;A; naaahhhh your's are wonderful <3 i really like your way of drawing and the coloration very much <3 Hope we can make a trade soon, or maybe i can get my hands on a card of your's during a sta >:D <3
@vanlau thank you so much <3 Your input means a lot to me, your cards are so great q_q!
wonderful card. love the soft coloration <3