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Pro tip The overhead view gives a sense of the scale of the event and also the effects from the spraying of red wine on hundreds of people. Revellers pack the town square during the launch of the Chupinazo rocket to celebrate the start of the San Fermín fiestas Daniel Ochoa De Olza/AP
oh you are from Barcelona? Well, then I guess you missed Bull fighting a lot then ;D !! It banned in Catalan 2 years ago, no?
Well it is running in front of furious huge animals, and people get pretty drunk so of course its dangerous! But security measures are good, even though still every year there are a couple of accidents, though usually not lethal. I'm from Barcelona, in the northeast of Spain :)
@guzmanDiaz but i heard there was some critics about this festival recently since it may dangerous during those bullruns? And where about in Spain you come from ?
thanks GuzmanDiaz for the link :) i hope someday I can visit the beautiful SPAIN.
They just started two days ago :) You can catch them live here I believe! http://www.rtve.es/noticias/san-fermin/encierros/ They should start in less than two hours or so. Spain is a very beautiful country to visit, I strongly encourage you to, feel free to ask any question :D
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