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Alright guys, sorry I didn't post this last night like I said I would... I was still trying to take in everything from this extremely long movie. (Pretty sure it was longer than Age of Ultron) This is a review from me and strictly my feelings and opinions on the matter. I'll stay away from spoilers (as much as I'm dying to talk about them) and stick to the basics.
So let's just start with what I didn't like about Civil War first off. I was extremely disappointed with the lack of time spent Avenger fighting Avenger. It was a rather short little fight in the middle of the movie and that was the extent of that... AWESOME fight though, hands down. Secondly would be the story line. It was more of just pure manipulation than an actual plot. The villain an average joe just trying to make the Avengers rebel against each other though it obviously works.
Now, everything I loved about Civil War! 😊 As always, Marvel keeps the humor. One of my most favorite things about it. I realized after seeing Batman vs Superman how much I'd taken the humor in Marvel movies for granted. Ahh! My most favorite thing about this movie I can't even talk about because I don't want to give it away! The fighting is badass as to be expected, and new characters are introduced with heavy potential. Stan Lee makes his cameo (as always) and it's probably the funniest one yet.
All in all, I personally rate Civil War an 8 out of 10. Regardless, it's awesome and I can't wait to go see it again with my mom this time. Oh and don't forget to stay after the movies over! There are 2 after credit scenes that are worth sticking around for!!