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I hate when people do this. There is a complete difference between anime and cartoons. Anime is just more fucking awesome!
I've had my sister walk in on me doing this. And she was afraid of me for like a week. Careful were u fangirl guys.
I explained it the most simplest way possible to most of my guy friends. They all still confused af.
No can tell me that it's just an anime. We all know that we as otaku get attach to our anime and can get defensive.
Omg! I do this in every anime I watch and the only ones that I can get right off the spot are Todd Haberkorn and Vic Mignogna. Those are the ones that I recognize.
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@mikkako just wait till you're an adult so they can't do anything about it
@JessicaFerrier I'll wait till I move out the house and have a stable job
I've tried explaining yaoi it's really hard
Anime is a style of japanese cartoons. They are right technically. The difference is the story telling and style are far superior in anime than in regular cartoons.